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headphone sightings?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by driftwood, Mar 7, 2002.
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  1. easypeasy
    I usually see Sony EX71s on the way to work, seems to be a really popular commuter headphone over here (I myself have been through 4 pairs... [​IMG] ). A few days ago, while the weather was a bit chilly, I spotted some Sony Ego's (MDR-D22 same as mine), I suppose the serve a dual purpose as earmuffs [​IMG]
  2. Jmmmmm Contributor
    I've been looking around as well, and i've been surprised at how almost Everyone i see is using stock ipod earbuds. I've seen a few sony ex71s, but that's it. quite disappointing.
    When I was in school (college) last year, there was this girl that I'd always see on the bus with Grado SR60's, I was impressed.
  4. UserNotFound
    My neighbor uses sr125s, and i've seen another pair of grado's from a distance, and numerous senn212 and 497's and even a pair of hd490s
  5. necropimp
    around here it's mostly stock... or some of them have "upgraded" to the $20 MDR-V150s *shudder*

    one time though i heard some pink floyd behind me turned around and spotted someone with HD580s the people i actually know who use decent headphones i can count on my fingers...
  6. Oliver :) Contributor
    Saw a nice student today entering my train while I jumped off (this is my typical place to spot nice girls with phones, in the closing door, it's *hopeless*) and she had some gigantic silver Technics on. A closed model as it seemed.

    Otherwise the number of white buds on campus is exploding these days.
  7. caterpillar_36
    Some Ultrasone HFI-650's! But that was on one of my friends. Ah well. They sounded a bit too muffled for my taste, but then again, they weren't burned in at all...
  8. The Actual
    Recently three people at my school got some Bose headphones. Two triports and a QC2. Other than that it is stock earbuds.

    Sigh, I guess Bose is better than nothing, but I still feel annoyed whenever I see them.
  9. ATAT
    1 Beyerdynamic 880
    2 Ety 4p
    1 Bose QC2
    1 Bose QC1
    1 EX-51
    2 Sennheiser 497s
    1 Sennheiser 280
  10. brandonink2001
    I fly about once every two weeks and this past week, I saw a half dozen Bose-o QC2s and a pair of Coby noise cancellation units (seriously). One pair of Shure e3c, one e5s, and several iPod stock buds.
  11. easypeasy
    Today, I've suddenly decide to go to work wearing my HD-330's.
    The exclamations from my colleages [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Skipinder

    Originally Posted by easypeasy
    Today, I've suddenly decide to go to work wearing my HD-330's.
    The exclamations from my colleages [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I went to school once with my AKG 240S. I got so many laughs, even my teachers were laughing at me. (picture a guy with a fro wearing the 240S, something like this =>[​IMG] )
  13. easypeasy
    I thought I say two pairs of Audio-Technica hanger type phones at lunch, but lo and behold, visiting the Sony centre I found out they where actually MDR-Q66's [​IMG] What a dissapointment [​IMG]
  14. Twigs
    The only good pair of headphones I have seen on other ppl is 1 pair of Portapros. I told him that they were a good choice, but he told me that he hates how they look and he was going to buy a pair of Street Style headphones. I tried to talk him out of it, but nope he bought the crappy streetstyle phones. On a side note my buddy thought the in the ear iPod headphoes were the best headphones he had ever bought. I just laughed.
  15. digitaldave Contributor
    I often see PX100/200's being used on my daily commute. A few months ago there was someone on the bus with what looked like Hd497. Some Sony DJ type ( couldn't see what model). Lots of earbuds, and even more Apple iPod buds. Nothing high end though [​IMG].
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