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headphone sightings?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by driftwood, Mar 7, 2002.
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  1. Thaddy Contributor
    I saw a kid today wearing some Ety's with what appeared to be an iHP-120 in his backpocket.

    Oh wait, that was me walking past a tinted window on my campus...[​IMG]

    The only other cans I've seen are the stock iPod buds and those Sony J10's or whatever, the ones that wrap around your ear [​IMG]
  2. Talonz
    I saw some eggoes today.. not sure what kind
  3. MD1032 Contributor
    I saw a guy around my school with Portapros (seriously, he looked like a total dork - I completely respect him whoever he is).

    I also met that guy with the Grado SR-125's. Man that was special. I had to do a double-take when I first saw him. I went right up to him and said "Are those Grados?" he replied yes and said they were the 125's. I said I had a pair of SR-80's and he said yeah, I had a pair of those but they broke. So that was really awesome, I still see him around but don't approach him since he looks kind of like those punk types of people (wears like baggy black pants and a big sweatshirt), except he obviously has awesome taste in headphones.

    I've also seen a few people with the unmistakable MX500's or MX400's in their ears around.

    Other than that, EVERYONE in my school has terrible taste in headphones and CD players. People actually blow 20 bucks on streetstyle headphones to replace their old ones.

    Sometimes I really wish I could educate all of them in audio. I give my friends a listen to my rig whenever I get the chance. They think the headphone amp is overboard, naturally, but they can't deny the sound.
  4. BlindTiger
    I saw a guy in a cordaroy brown blazer with the thick black frame glasses wearing a pr of senn px200 today on the subway.
  5. ChickenScrtchBoy

    Originally Posted by BlindTiger
    I saw a guy in a cordaroy brown blazer with the thick black frame glasses wearing a pr of senn px200 today on the subway.

    Oh-oh and he looked like Buddy Holly.... sorry, I couldnt resist.

    All I see is street styles and ibuds. Pretty sad. Once I saw a head band "technic" on it, but didn't look any closer
  6. BlindTiger
    nope, not buddy holly.
    he had a caucasian fro.
  7. apnk

    Originally Posted by BlindTiger
    nope, not buddy holly.
    he had a caucasian fro.

    Hehe........anyway, all my friends in school have crappy headphones. One has a Koss somtin behind the neck 'phones and my best friend has some Sony clip-ons and he says they "kick ass, and have awsome bass." HAHA, when i listened to them they had bloated fake bass and no mids or highs! [​IMG]
  8. breez
    Best I have seen at my school are PortaPros and Sennheiser HD25-1.
  9. Thisp

    In fact I can't think of a single instance where I saw someone wearing a really nice pair of headphones. oh well =/

    Same here, and I'm part of it. [​IMG] My Koss Plugs are my portable headphone because they're cheap and provide isolation

    I wish I had etymotics. [​IMG]
  10. Kirosia
    I still haven't seen anyone with a good pair. The best would be bose QC in the subway station. >_<

    If you're ever in boston and see an asian guy w/ a leather jacket and jeans; accompanied by an attractive young asian woman and a handsome chinese-looking man, then give a heads up. [​IMG] I'll probably be wearing stock earbuds though, or nothing at all.
  11. masteraleph
    There was a guy in my common room (staying with a suitemate) who had SR80s with his ipod. I thought that was a terrible choice for portability, esp. for people around him, but didn't say anything.
  12. G.H.
    I don't know if it is head-fi.org, about 6 monthes ago, most people I see in public place are wearing general Sony earbuds, I spoted 3 Portapros at most. Before I came to head-fi.org, I see Portapros as grandpa's headphones, and I didn't really understand why people are wearing those old-fashioned phones, especially with its comfort zone and its baby blue, it is ugle.

    Recently, I spoted so many people wearing Portapros, I lost count. There must be something that changed their minds, Protapros are in the higher spot of price range(non-audiophile sense), it doesn't have the brand name like Sony(MDR-Vx00) or Bose, it doesn't have the funky color(metallic color) or cool design(neckband/DJ design), it doesn't have special function like noise cancellation or bass vibration, not even volume control. Portapros are the headphones designed by Koss 20 years ago that simply sound good, I don't think the average guy will buy Portapros without knowing how good they sound. There must be kind of force.

    Back to the topic. The most expensive headphones I spoted in public place is Sennheiser HD490, that guy walking out from skytrain at Commercial station with his big headphone.

    I also saw a female wearing blue Bose TriPort in library standing in escalator. A guy wearing Bose QuietComfort 2 in a bus, with stickers all over his headphone(took me a while to see the Bose name on it). He is listening his iPod with black skin. Another guy wearing Sony MDR-V700. I guess I can remember all the details. I have yet to seen Sennheiser PX-100, Grado, Ety/Shure, or any other portable amp.

    Something insteresting happened this afternoon. I saw a guy, about 40-ish of age, wearing brown jacket with some kind of BC patch on his left upper arm, in #136 bus, wearing Portapros. I think to myself, hmmm, yet another Portapros. Just about I lose interest on him, he took out his Sony SRF-S84 pocket radio out from his jacket. Wow, I wonder if he is head-fi.org member, with his Xin's modified SRF-S84. How many head-fi.org member are in Vancouver, BC. I am wearing just about exactly the same thing he is wearing, I have Sportapors(I think I am one of two people who have Sportapros in Vancouver) with unmodified SRF-S84. I was about to walk to him and ask him if he is head-fi.org member and if it's Xin's modified S84.(I didn't, I chicken out.)
  13. zChan
    Ever since i began trolling here my eyes are constantly looking at people's headphones..
    Yesterday, while I was walking home, I saw a guy with an ath-ad700 (i think). I was flabbergasted.

    I also spot alot of people with Pro5s. (like me [​IMG])

    I enjoyed reading this thread. Now Rise from the grave for a few more posts! [​IMG]
  14. caterpillar_36
    Sennheiser HD280 Pro's (didn't see the owner, they were in his backpack), some Sony's I didn't recognize and didn't get a close look at, one or two triports, lots of varying sony behind-the-ear headphones (MDR-G52/7, and some "street style" crap), and finally bose triports. I asked someone who owned the Senn 280's, and he pointed me towards the wrong person. This person had the QC2's and was very enthusiastic about their cost. They look sort of flimsy to me and felt a little small; I didn't try them on because I had to go somewhere.
    Ah yes, and I've seen one or two people wearing the Senn PX-series.

    edit: Forgot about the Senn 457s I saw and the Grados.
  15. Nak Man Contributor
    Seen one wearing Senn bionetic style when visiting Sydney last year, and actually asked him where to find phones over there. Finally found the basement store ... a brief glance thru skyhigh price tags made me glad I live somewhere else. [​IMG]
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