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headphone sightings?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by driftwood, Mar 7, 2002.
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  1. NotoriousBIG_PJ Contributor

    Originally Posted by dza
    I've been here about 3 weeks, and I've only seen a couple of notable mentions. A guy in the PSA (Planning Students Association) has some D22 eggos, I saw another guy with some PX200's, and my biggest find were some AT clip-ons. The AT's were the Em7's... I think.

    That's it for now.

    Theres been people walking around on campus with hp1000's and rs-1's in the past. [​IMG]

    Also saw some hd600's at a cofee house and some other lesser grados around campus.

  2. erikzen Contributor
    I didn't see this on the street but I noticed on a CD insert.

    McCoy Tyner - New York Reunion

    McCoy Tyner listening back to the recording on a pair of AKG K-1000 headphones.

    Nicely recorded album by the way.

    During the recording session the musicians seem to be using K141 headphones, although I can't be sure.
  3. Talonz
    I saw some grados in a sea of about a million ipod buds.

    Didn't get a close look, was in too much shock [​IMG]
  4. kunwar
    I think I know who it might be daki][er your mystery man.

    Dandenong, Sydney correct??
  5. Gundam
    Saw a girl on a bike wearing a pair of Sennheiser HD25-1's just the other day... [​IMG]
  6. Zuerst
    Saw a D77, a few D66 eggos, some porta pros, a senn. PX200, a SR-80, an e888, shure e2 and e3c this past week on campus.
  7. wolfen68 Contributor
    I have yet to ever see a decent set of phones on the street. Most of them are the stock Sonys that come with $25 dollar devices.

    The "nicest" I ever saw were EX-71's...and the guy bragged how he bought them from Apple to be the ultimate replacement for the stock buds.
  8. HiWire
    Saw a set of Grados on the way to work this week, also have seen Sennheiser HD360s (my series eXpression) on the streetcar. Otherwise an unending succession of streetstyles, sony "dj" crap, the rare Koss portapro, stock earbuds, no-name radio shack stuff, etc.
  9. NightWoundsTime
    EDIT: Oops somehow posted in the wrong thread!
  10. Spankypoo
    Saw a guy tonight on the 405 South north of Long Beach in a Miata with a pair of KSC-35s clipped on.

    Anyone, anyone?
  11. MdRex
    I saw this buy wearing this silver huge Grados and almost shook my head.
  12. hugz

    Originally Posted by MdRex
    I saw this buy wearing this silver huge Grados and almost shook my head.

    i wear my alessandro ms2s to uni [​IMG] sure they're big but... the sound!! they look damn good around my neck too [​IMG]

    I've never seen anyone with good headphones, except my friends back at school who had some various sonys (ex71, e888, etc) and the such.

    but i've not been interested in headphones too long so i may not ave been paying attention [​IMG]
  13. zombietycho
    Keep seeing a guy around uni with a really nice pair of AKGs. Hmm... mostly just stock Sony buds, but I've seen more then one pair of grados.
  14. Thaddy Contributor
    The other day when I was running downtown at around 5, I saw a few businessmen walking to their cars and the one guy had on some SR-125's. I yelled out "Nice Grado's!" and he gave me a fist pump [​IMG]

    I've also gotten a few really long stares in the library while listening to my portable setup, so I'm guessing they might be aspiring audiophiles [​IMG]
  15. Yukster
    I was pretty disappointed on my most recent trip to Tokyo, Japan. I saw mostly people wearing stock buds (mostly Sonys and Panasonics, a few Kenwoods.... its scary how I can tell by the brand by the remote). Some street style types and those clipon types. I saw a guy with Sony DJ headphones. I saw about 10 people with Ipods (not sure of the gen, but you can tell from the white buds). My coworker has the white EX70SP. And you ask what I used? I was using my black EX71 until I got my silver CM7...
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