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Headphone Sightings 2

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vyu223, Jun 20, 2006.
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  1. lin0003
    Saw some M50s, some Bose, Beats, Sennheiser IEMs and a pair of Denons on the plane to and from Gold Coast. Denons were a bit unexpected lol. 
  2. martinq
    Today K-271 and girl with white M50.
  3. miceblue
    Beats by Tray

    Watch the whole video if you want, it's pretty hilarious.
  4. DisCHORDDubstep
    A K271? O.O wow.
  5. Duncan Moderator
    Don't know why it is (and this isn't a bash, but a point) - it seems this time of the year, all the Bose wearers crawl out of the woodwork where I am... Feel sort of sorry (again, not bashing) for one guy I see regularly that has 'upgraded' to another pair in their line-up, would've given him - for free, my Amperiors that are sat here doing nothing, if only I'd known!
  6. Mickice
    Does anyone else hate these audiophile warriors with their M50s?

    M50s are not amazing gifts to audio, they are for most an entry, a taste, don't get a big head now.
  7. OrcaFish
    I do not hate them as i am also an M50x owner. I do agree that they are entry level but they are solid for sure. But back to topic i saw the new urbanites in downtown san fran today
  8. linglingjr
    I've walked to school with K272s before.  They work as pretty good ear muffs too.
  9. cs098
    Had the 271s for a while with velour pads, they're so warm!!! But in the end it was far too polite for my tastes.
    As for the sightings saw a denon and a momentum on the subway. Another denon in eaton, and three ath 50x, on the way to lunch. A blue/brown, black and white.
  10. L0SLobos
    I agree. Its always these guys extolling the virtues of m50's and how good they are (HUGE LOL) and dissing on beats.
  11. ampair
    compilation of the last few weeks:
    1x v-moda m100, 2x k545, 2x k271mkii, 3x dt770, 2x hd25-ii, 2x se215 and a few b***s.
    and schiitloads of k518 in various colours (this is austria after all :wink:)
    that's why i really love my k550 during winter [​IMG]
    linglingjr likes this.
  12. AlexZanderZee
    I agree. I don't hate those who recommend it though. They are just jumping on this because they know it's a good recommendation that will reach many people. It is a brief surge in popularity. It will pass. I'm curious: what music are they best for?
  13. Fadem
    Saw a guy on the train with what looked like a Shure 840. With him he was carrying his guitar/bass guitar in a carrying case. This is quite a rare sight for me actually.
  14. lookingforIEMs


    They sound kind of meh. Perhaps they are good for simple songs like vocal only tracks or also some simple gaming

    Getting back on the thread, the se215 craze is relit hahaha
  15. lin0003
    Saw some silver Amperiors during lunch, they seem to be quite common in Melbourne.
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