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Headphone Sightings 2

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vyu223, Jun 20, 2006.
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  1. WoahReQQuiem
    They're actually pretty good if you drill holes in the cups. Sounded quite close to my AKG K 141 Mk. II's tonality to my ears.

  2. bcasey25raptor


    Everyone at my college has those. I saw shure srh840 at my college. I have yet to see beats.
  3. VortexBlast
    I saw at my school:
    Beats, Beats and more Beats....
    Cheapo iBuds
    Aiaiai TMA-1
    And that's it.
    I'm probably the only one in school to have a pair of clear Shure SE425,
  4. Lost in Sound
    See too many beats. I can understand ibuds and cheap earbuds but spending lots of money on beats makes no sense. I saw a kid I know wearing a pair of custom UEs but hes into recording and what not. Anyways since you guys can identify cans better than me (Im new) would it be possible to tell me what she is wearing in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLvhtf09V4g ; the indie kid inside me wants to know.
  5. liamstrain
    They look alot like Sennheiser 414, but with a closed earcup. So I'm not quite sure.
  6. 50an6xy06r6n


    I was thinking 414 too, but it seems bigger for some reason... Maybe some retro pair in the style of the 414s?
  7. bcasey25raptor
    Sennheiser ie8 on the bus. Same guy i saw earlier. Nice guy.
  8. YGuyG
    I wish I saw good IEMs. It's just me and the friend I introduced audiophilia to. 
  9. bravo4588
    most people i see in the train use their phones as the source and stock buds(incl. iBuds) that came with them. then all kinds of beats, white sony zx100 and some wesc. nothing noteworthy. 
  10. Lurkumaural


    It's certainly not a 414.  I think I've seen this one while hunting for vintages last year.  Maybe a Radio Shack brand, or a computer company rebrand seems to ring a bell.  There was no shortage of headphones that borrowed this shape.  I think even AKG and Beyer did it.
    I'm gonna try not to think about it anymore.  That would be half my day gone, for sure.
  11. liamstrain
    true, the AKG K60 had a similar cone, albeit on rectangle pads and a different headband. 
    The headband more than anything is what had me thinking Senn 414... but clearly, that's not what it is. 
  12. Tus-Chan
  13. dentonnn
    Saw a girl with ESW9s at uni, also saw about 7 people wearing beats of all size, shapes and colour. 
  14. Extra
    Had some sightings:
    A Philips O'Neil The Stretch
    Beats Solo's, Studio's (Of every color except orange) and even a Pro. Tours, too.
    Bose IE2s.
    Grado SR-60i
  15. John In Cali

    Lifehacker is awesome, glad to find another reader here.

    On another note, it seems like 10 people at my school got beats solo for Christmas. I saw a large full size can on someone, no brand name or styling of a higher end can so i figure it was from some cheap store. First full sized can ive seen on someone other than me. I also saw a Bose on someone for the first time today.
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