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Headphone Sightings 2

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vyu223, Jun 20, 2006.
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  1. warMen
    At school, I've seen:

    Sennheiser Hd212 pros... this crazy kid wore them around the halls. He was always in his own world.

    iBuds... self explanatory, everyone wears these, everyone...

    and a pair of rather large koss headphones I think they were. I only saw him wearing them once.

    My friend just got a pair of Hd280s and I need to go check them out stat. My other friend has a pair of eh150s but theyre pretty crap. He leaves them at my house actually so they're right next to me.
  2. TomRemixed

    sony street style

    some boss clip on open earphones

    Yep I'm like the only person with headphones that cost more than $20. Yea V-moda Vibes.
  3. Ace o' Spades
    I saw an e4c yesterday, so far the most expensive can I have seen in public.

    I saw a pair of weird sonys with a detachable cable a while ago. I couldn't see the model number but I think the cable was a greenish color.
  4. M0T0XGUY
    Continuing the growing list of school sightings, at JJHS in NY there's this one kid who sports HD 595's (or 555's couldn't tell) around his neck during the week... other than that its the general Bose scene[​IMG]
  5. OGTL
    100% iBuds, or those $.10 earphones that come with no name MP3 players. One kid even has his crappy buds blasting so loud constantly, you can hear them from 20-30 feet away.
  6. terriblepaulz
    I posted this observation on another thread a little while back. During my holiday travels I spent about 16-17 hours in LAX and O'Hare, where you see a large and interesting cross section of humanity, in an environment where people use all manner of portable media devices. As a fairly recent headfier, I was really looking at the headphones (and accoutrements) that people were sporting.

    I saw many many many people using iPods and other mp3 players, laptops, and portable DVD players. The white earbud was ubiquitous. If it was not the white earbud, it was probably Bose, or some Coby thingamajob bought at the airport. A few kids with "street style" cans (but no iGrados) I saw one dude watching video on a MacBook with Etymotic ER4s. There was the occasional closed can, usually Bose, 2 or 3 guys with Sony.

    I did not see one amp. I did not see anything resembling what one would call a "rig". I saw a lot of iPods in people's hands and pockets. It would have been cool to see a headfier, but alas . . . that's the topic for another post.
  7. Rav

    Originally Posted by OGTL /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    100% iBuds, or those $.10 earphones that come with no name MP3 players. One kid even has his crappy buds blasting so loud constantly, you can hear them from 20-30 feet away.

    I work in a garage (open fronted) with a music college 20 yards down the road, so a lot of students walking past with various headgear, and a good percentage of them fit that mold. These aspiring musicians will have no hearing left by the time any of them get the chance to be a sucess.

    I think i've seen one guy waring a pair of AKGs though, think they were 701s, plus a few other full sized cans that i didn't recognise.
  8. cantsleep Contributor
    e5c; starbucks in LA
  9. lumanogin
    I work on campus now at the computer lab as a part time job, so I see lots of comers and go'ers now.

    - sony V150's. they're so popular. i don't know what it is about them. i guess to look high end? kind of like buying a porsche boxster. i see the same little guy blasting them to insane volumes out of his ipod.
    - typical ibuds, sony earbuds, jvc gumy's, koss spark plugs, those "surround sound" philipps earbuds with the grills on the outsides
    - triports
    - hd201
    - KSC35 i've seen a few times. not bad.
    - have seen a 580 and a 595
    - sr60, a guy in my Cell Physiology class
    - e2c's, cx300's, ety's.
    - a guy in my class was listening to an AKG 240 out of his ibook
    - one guy that walks around with some really old KOSS headphones. no clue what they are. they have a coiled headphone cord and the cans are the shooting range earprotector style
    - UE's with some red earpieces. Couldn't tell which one it was, out of a 5G ipod which was obviously rockboxed (screen was black with white text). An Asian guy in my Animal Physiology class. Gave them a stare when I saw them, but didn't say anything.

    - I've spotted some sources besides ipods too. A lot of Zen Vision:M's, a few zen microphotos, a sony NW-HD5, and a Rio Karma. and the crappy cd player here and there.

    Have yet to see anyone with an amp, even a cmoy.
  10. Vicomte
    UE's with some red earpieces.

    I think UE has the Super.fi 5 in a new red color.

    I saw an alarmingly large number of no-name earbuds today.
  11. Ace o' Spades
    ^It is the RadioShack version of the Super.fi 3. Quite sharp looking, actually, but they sound like listening to the back of a Grado through a tube IMO.
  12. Dregur
    Downtown Seattle has some audiophiles.

    Saw a guy with a Super.Fi's of some sort. Maybe old 5 Pro's, as the had the grey wires instead of the silvery-clear wires that I have.

    Saw another guy with either E3C's or E4C's with a 4th Gen iPod, I can't tell the difference between the two.

    Saw a girl wearing some sort of Audio Technica full size cans walk by me, I was pretty impressed she was wearing them out in public like that.

    Also, if you are ever in downtown Seattle, I'm the one with the iPod attached to my shoulder strap with a ALO dock running down into a pouch, which is also attached to my bag strap with my amp inside. :p

    Usually travel with E2C's or Super.Fi 5 Pro's depending on my mood.

    -The Grinman [​IMG]
  13. Igor The Cat
    I live in downtown seattle and will wear my AKG K240s in public, i sure get a lot of strange looks.


  14. wax4213
    I live in the U-District, and visit the downtown pretty often. SR-60's, KSC75's, or the Marshmallows are what I'll have. I still only see the V150's or triports on campus.
  15. fraseyboy
    All I see is Sony's and Ibuds... There arent that many head-fi'ers in New Zealand...

    However, if anyone in Christchurch sees a kid wandering around wearing MS1's with 414 pads, matching yellow foam on the headband, and yellow grilles then... Its me. [​IMG]
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