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Feb 29, 2008
So I'm going to be getting a iPod, and I want to get some low-profile (not big and clunky), yet great sounding headphones/in-ear phones. Right now I'm thinking maybe something from Sennhieser. Any suggestions? throw them my way.

Budget - Somewhere around $100
Music - rock/alternative/rap/techno
Type - in-ear OR headphones, either could work

Quick note: I'm kinda of picky about my bass, too much isn't necessarily a bad thing with me, I rather have it overpowering than too little

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You could try the PX100 from Sennheiser. The Koss KSC75 is great for portable and it sounds good for under $20.
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x2 on px100s, they have a good amount of bass, nothing crazy but not light either

you should know they are open 'cans and will leak sound, but will also allow you to hear the outside world
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i own the PX100. i actually got them for the same reason u did. the slim profile. i have NO regrets in buying them. i will probably have them for a long time until i get my next pair. i got mine for 33 dollars after S&H on amazon. but that was a while ago. youll be saving a lot of money plus youll like them. so far 3 votes on PX100 =)
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Not trying to shoot down the PX100, but I think I'm going to go with in-ear/canal phones, as I already have a nice pair of headphones for home use. I appreciate the feedback so far though.
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How about koss Porta-Pros, low profile and portable. The first thing i thought when i tried them on was how impressive the bass was. They often get overshadowed by the 75s, but i think there is a big upgrade and the 20 extra $$ is worth the comfort, convenience and SQ boost.
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I think you may find the link to the headphone buyer's guide in my sig useful. You would want to look under $70-$150 IEM's

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