Headphone Recommendations needed!
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New Head-Fier
Jan 15, 2016
I am looking for a new pair of earphones or headphones that would take me to the next level or give a feel than my Audio Technica IM-02 or MSR7 (which sounds pretty similar). Right now I am deciding on getting a new player/dac and amp setup or just a new headphone. I play all my music on my iphone 6 right now which might be a problem, However, they are cd ripped ALAC format. I really enjoy female vocals which is the reason why both of my daily drivers are audio technicas, but I do listen to other genres such as jazz, EDM, classical, instrumentals, and pop. I would like something with a very beautiful or full and warm mids, with clear treble and bass shouldn't be overwhelming. I am looking for something under $600, if anyone can give me a recommendation that will be great!

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