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Headphone recommendations for metal with a HK 3490 amp

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by azgu, Jan 28, 2013.
  1. Azgu
    I recently bought a Harman/Kardon 3490 amp, which I chose mainly because I had heard it had good headphone amplification too (on top of all the other reasons I had). And indeed it greatly enhanced the sound quality with my ancient Sennheiser HD595 phones. I'd like to buy better headphones though, and I'd like to hear some recommendations. These are the kind of qualities I'm looking for:
    -Listening at home - no need for portability or un-amped performance
    -Leak is not a problem
    -Sound quality (and comfort to a lesser extent) is the main driver, looks don't matter
    -Mainly used for listening to metal music, so good bass is important
    -Price range around $250
    From what I've gathered, Grado SR-225 are the phones usually recommended for rock and metal, but what other choices do I have?
  2. ematthews
    Since no one chimed in if you can up your budget get the Grado PS500...

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