Headphone recomendations for my teenaged daughter
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Jan 27, 2008
My daughter told me she wanted some new headphones for Christmas. My first thought was wow this is actually something her dear ol' Dad can figure out.

I instantly thought, I could help her choose between IEMs, on the ear, over the ear, closed back, open back, etc. I started by just asking her why she wanted new headphones. She told me that she wanted some "big" headphones like the ones that I have (Audio Technica ATH-AD700). She went on to say, she doesn't like the one's that you stick in your ears and she wants to be able to block out other sounds on the bus or block out the sound of the TV at home. Our house has a pretty open floorplan and the sound from our living room TV flows pretty easy into the loft area where the kids computer is located.

She unknowingly answered just about all the questions I was going to ask her. So much for the quality father-daughter time. So I guess she wants closed back, circumaural (or earpad with decent isolation) headphones. I would also add they be low impedance because she isn't going to want to be bothered with a headphone amp. They should probably be a little more rugged or at least a little robust. I don't think she would trash them but keeping things pristine is not a high priority for her either. I would also add potability. Size isn't going to be that important to her. She's seen my Audio Technicas and those are huge but I bet she would appreciate something she can just throw in her purse or backpack. Next I would add stylish, she would probably like any kind of headphone that looked cool. Sound quality is sadly probably dead last on her list. I however would like to introduce her to something with some decent sound quality. A set of "fun" sounding phones would be a great choice. Oh and I think the budget should be under $100.

She likes to listen to mainly alternative music, but she's also a drama / choir / color guard geek so I'll often find her listening to the music from the soundtracks to musicals.

So Head-Fi'rs, do you have any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by broodwich /img/forum/go_quote.gif
My daughter told me she wanted some new headphones for Christmas.

I had Hello Kitty-themed recommendations ready-to-go but your daughter is a smart cookie!
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'Something she can throw in her purse' pretty much limits her to IEMs - SoundMagic PL50.

fwiw, I am giving my GF several pairs of phones this Xmas, but only one will fit in her purse:

UE Metro-Fi 200
Senn HD228

All of this is aimed at reducing her tendency to plonk my Grados on her head and settle back for a night with some unmentionable crooner like Michael Buble.
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Hey Broodwich,

I would think the Shure SRH440 would be a strong contender for what you are looking for. They're closed, circumaural and collapsible making it good for on the go applications, plus they don't require too much juice to drive so they should be fine out of anything. From my brief stint with them, they seem pretty durable as well. Should be within your budget too.
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Originally Posted by iriverdude /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Did you even bother to read his post? IEM's are no robust.

Yes I did - pls tell me which 'robust' headphones will fit in a purse ? My Sony IEMs have had more abuse than any of my headphones, and keep coming back for more, but my RE0s basically came apart in my hands after very little use : it comes down to quality control.
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Audio Technica ES7. Only thing against it is that it's not circumaural, but otherwise I have a feeling she would love it. It's a very stylish, portable, and fun sounding can.
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Well, since you have AD700s you know the size of them... I'd still probably toss a vote in for A700s (closed back version). I haven't heard them myself, but I love my AD700s and I actually used to bike to class and work with the headphones on with almost no problem, and toss them in my backpack all the time. I mean, you don't want to really man-handle the things, but just walking around with them in my backpack has put relatively little wear on them.
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Originally Posted by iriverdude /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Did you even bother to read his post? IEM's are no robust.

Yes i did. I chose to ignore part of it tho as i read the bit about 'fitting in purse'
Ive got two pair of Shure in ears an im telling u that they are extremely robust in comparison to Bose ones and Sony and the shoddy Apple variety
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Wow, that was fast. Okay let's clear up some issues with my first post. Go ahead and disregard the ability to keep them in a purse. Let's just say they she will want to take them with her on trips and such. I like Steve 72s idea of the collapsible Shures. As far as circumaural being a requirement... that's not something my daughter said she wanted but I'll have her test my AT and my older AKG 141s and see if it makes a difference to her regarding on ear or over the ear. The 141s will be pretty big on her head too. She's a small girl and I don't think she's going to get a lot bigger.
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Small girl needing cans which will fold up = ES7 for mine : they will quite possibly be circumaural on her if her ears are in proportion to her body. I suspect that she may even prefer the styling over the Shures too, but thats a personal thing.
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Sennheiser HD 280 pro -- closed back, circumaural, 64 ohm. Isolation as good as any. They fold up. Very comfortable, at least for me (people with larger heads seem not to like them). Comes with both 1/4" and 1/8" plugs. Can be had for less than $100.

Stylish, maybe not.
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The ES7 is a very good bet (well-respected among <$100 headphones, collapsible, easy to drive, and look head-and-shoulders cooler than any of the others), the only thing I don't really know much about is its isolation - maybe someone else can comment

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