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Headphone Notes

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by deep funk, Apr 11, 2010.
  1. Deep Funk
    This 'blog' is an extension to "Evolution of Stuff" for it's becoming a bit chaotic to read, all that audio gear. As the title suggests this extension 'blog' is devoted to headphones, yeah. Everything in these notes is subjective.
    I use various set ups:
    1. Philips CD690 + Sansui AU-217 I --> The Sansui amplifier makes a big difference, it is now an important component in the set up.--> Out of use now...
    2. Sony CDP-750 + Behringer SRC2496 --> The Behringer is very capable. For the time being its replacement is postponed.
    3. Sony CDP-750 + LD Mark V: (29/07-2011)
    Set up added 22-12-2010
    4. Philips 437 TT + Sansui AU-217 + Headphone --> the turntable is out of use now...
    Sony MDR V6: gone!!!my first serious headphone bought not to disturb my neighbours. Sony strangely compromised this headphone. After long listening sessions I got some serious headaches and the vocals always sounded a bit off. 
    Burn in: no.
    Sound: clear, tight bass, midrange and highs had some strange dips and peaks. 
    Amplification: 63 ohms, works perfect without but seems to benefit from it (Yamaha MA 10).
    Flaws: too aggressive sometimes, bass sounds monotone, sounds unbalanced, little to no soundstage, needs a good source (also a good thing).

    Creative Aurvana Live!: gone!!! my first serious portable which I had for about a month. I love detail and the CAL! really brings out detail but the bass definition was lacking. I gave it away yet I do not miss it, bass definition is really important. The V6 really made me love bass definition, I am partial to bass.
    Burn in: no.
    Sound: bright, loud, balanced?, the bass lacks definition, deep bass.
    Amplification: never tested.
    Flaws: 'fuzzy' bass, too loud, isolation is lacking, leaks, cable.

    Pioneer Monitor 10 (1978) (Special headphone) 
    I wanted to try something else, vintage headphones. The old Pioneer is like the DF without the politeness and smooth bass. The old Pioneer sounds bass light compared to my other headphones.The best thing about it is its ability to make music lifelike and involving yet the sound still has an analytical quality to it. It can sound fun and neutral at the same time. The better your audio set up and amplification the more this oldie shines. CD690 + SRC2496 + Old Pioneer scarily impressive. A second one is in for the recable experiment...
    Burn in: yes, definite improvement.
    Sound: clear and neutral sound, sound stage, neutral to lively neutral, brightness?, balanced and bassier than it sounds.
    Amplification: 8 to 16 ohms, loves power and benefits from it.
    Flaws: heavy on the head, clamping force, vintage -> DIY, rare, lower frequencies sound subtle.

    Sennheiser HD428: Gone!!! The follow up the the CAL! with which I'm pleased ever since. It's a nice portable with a neutral sound and light and tight bass. It handles almost all my music pretty good.
    Burn in: yes, slight improvement.
    Sound: neutral, sometimes natural, sound stage is nice, clear, balanced but bass light.
    Amplification: 32 ohms, loves power and benefits from it.
    Flaws: doesn't sound very exciting, build, a bit more bass is welcome.

    Pioneer Monitor 10R (2004) Gone!!! (Passed on to a dear friend...)
    This headphone is a favourite because compared to the DF the 10R is even worse. When comparing it with the HD265 I could not help noticing how much more bloated the HD265 sounded. The 10R sounds more like a precision instrument than the DF. I really like the way the 10R presents the music yet when listening to my favourite church organ piece the low notes do not sound as heavy as I would like them to sound. Mental note for my self (22-11-2010): church organ music really reveals more than you would expect. This headphones is growing on me though...
    Burn in: yes, slight improvement.
    Sound: neutral to cold, 'raw' sound, sound stage, balanced with ample of bass, the treble is a bit sharp, very precise sound and less forgiving on the set up than the DF.
    Amplification: 35 ohms, needs loads of power, more than the DF needs. 
    Flaws: clamping force, very neutral to cold sound signature (Even the DF sounds warm compared to the 10R.).

    AKG K240 DF (Gone, passed on...)
    One of the best headphones I ever listened to, very neutral too. Sometimes it takes a certain edge of the music, raw sounding music sounds smoother. I made a lot of notes about this headphone and I regard it as one of best headphones I use daily. Only the JVC HA DX3 really topped it. If I have the funds I think I will buy a second one, it is that good. There is a refined definition to the way the DF delivers sound which is hard to describe but which makes it a favourite headphone in my collection. Connected to the Sansui amplifier it transforms into a bigger beast, given it sounded rather tame and source dependent out of my CD690. It still depends on the recording how good the sound is though but the extra amplifier made a somewhat subtle yet important difference. 
    Burn in: no.
    Sound: neutral to lively neutral yet with a certain politeness, clear, sound stage, balanced, more mid centric with excellent extension on both ends in my opinion, definition and transparency that are hard to match.
    Amplification: 600 ohms, needs amplification.
    Flaws: slight discomfort, needs power, sometimes too polite, head band.

    Panasonic RP-HTX7: gone!!!
    Burn in: yes, slight improvement.
    Sound: bassy yet somewhat balanced, warmish sound, can be aggressive and monitor like, the HD428 has better sound stage, loud headphone, lacks a bit of clarity.
    Amplification: 32 ohms, loves power and benefits from it (clarity).
    Flaws: lack of sound stage results in music in 'in the head sound' which results in head ache and fatigue, held back midrange, lacks a bit of clarity, needs amplification to really sound good for even my Fiio E5 made a difference.

    JVC HA-DX3
    Gone!!! I intended to buy this headphone to use as the replacement for my V6 yet it almost replaced the DF and all my other headphones. Seriously, one of the best  headphones I ever used for close listening. Black Sabbath sounded less dark due to the detailed sound without losing the Black Sabbath darkness, that is weird. I hope the new owner likes the JVC. Connected to a CD753 it should do wonders. 
    Burn in: no
    Sound: like the DF sounds polite, sounded more transparent than the DF, clear, warmish, balanced, fun, detail, bass is better than on the DF, soundstage.
    Amplification: 90 ohms, needs it.
    Flaws: it sounds perfect to me (sometimes I have no time for long listening sessions), a bit loose on the head, politeness.

    Sennheiser HD428 (WayTooCrazy modification)
    Gone!!! A bass heavy version of the HD428 modified by headfier WayTooCrazy, it is good. Bass is significantly increased without blurring/drowing the mids and highs. WayTooCrazy recabled it which proved to be quite a hassle but the difference is instant. I now understand why he wanted to improve the bass, I am in HD428 heaven. I love it for it is one of my best headphones. (Mogami W2534 dual entry) 
    Burn in: no.
    Sound: a bass heavy HD428 with slight improvement in the overall sound thus making it much much better.
    Amplification: loves power and benefits slightly from it, differences are subtle.
    Flaws: fewer than the standard HD428.

    Sennheiser PX200 II 
    Gone!!! I had to try it, this little portable sounds better than the HD428 but does not sound better than the modified HD428, quite a feat. A part from the fiddling with the ear cups the best portable headphone I used up to now. Isolation and leakage are better handled by the PX200 II though while the PX200 II still is very comfortable. I am not sure why but the clarity and smooth are very apparent, reminds me of the DF. I might get a second one, it is that good...
    Burn in: light, see Sennheiser HD425.
    Sound: close to the HD428 with thicker and deeper bass delivery, bass definition is a bit less for my ears and the PX200 II is less revealing?, fun sound, music sounds more directly coming at you, nice sound stage, clear and smooth presentation. 
    Amplification: not yet tested, no need for testing for it is mostly in use for the DAPs.
    Flaws: you have to place the ear pads quite precisely on your ears to get the best sound, not as detailed as the HD428.
    Sony DR 6A
    Vintage studio headphone which was again a curious gamble. I have a weak spot for old headphones. Interesting headphone though and quite good if you appreciate it. In a way this headphone presents the music in a way that really brings it closer to you. Old headphones are quite surprising...
    Burn in: light, through use.
    Sound: intimate, clear, nice sound stage, good bass, very detailed, music sounds contained without sounding restrained which is weird.
    Amplification: needs it, sucks power like a DF despite being 8 ohms.
    Flaws: discomfort, power hungry, rare.
    Sennheiser HD425-13 (600 ohms)
    Gone!!! This headphone was a gamble out of curiosity and it payed of. Although likeable I never used it so hopefully someone else will appreciate it.
    Burn in: light, burning in the headphone while listening or burn in through use if you want to call it that.
    Sound: balanced, close to the HD428 yet closer to the DF, bass sounds fuller than the bass on the HD428 but not as smooth as the bass on the DF, wide sound stage, detail and separation is not as good as the DF but I am not too sure about that yet, lifelike yet somewhat distant sound depending on the source and/or recording.
    Amplification; needs it, 600 ohms.
    Flaws: vintage, emphasizing of cuts in recordings, bass could be tighter?, sounds close to equal to the DF but I am not sure yet, sound stage is not very deep, emphasis on vocals?, needs serious power.
    Philips SBC HP830
    Gone!!! I actually wanted to go for the HP1000 but for the time being it will cost me too much considering I am also expanding my music collection and my bicycle had to be replaced. After listening to this headphone I am sure, I like this sound. The clarity of this plastic headphone is really pleasing. I had two HP830s and it is a very capable little Philips. It makes me wonder why Philips products are so underestimated although the overdose of plastic is a big minus. Too bad cheapness is not just a Philips thing.  
    Burn in: light, through use.
    Sound: sounds balanced, clear in a different way, nice sound stage, fun and detailed, has a thing for beats and percussion, different compared to my other headphones in that it sounds smooth and neutral at the same time.
    Amplification: 32 ohms, I prefer amplification. 
    Flaws: ear pads are not the most comfortable, sounds bass light, due to lack of sound stage some albums are tricky.
    Yamaha Orthodynamic HP1
    Gone!!!It will get a check up since I have to be sure whether it is a keeper or not. Modifications, who knows?
    Burn in: light, through use.
    Sound: vivid, bassy, sounds balanced, detailed, has sound stage :)nice or big I do not know for sure.), great with intimate instrumentals.
    Amplification: 150 ohms, needs it.
    Flaws: old and rare, addictive, faster transients sounded congested, jack plug has issues (loss of stereo sound).
    Philips SBC HP1000 (Unexptected gem, strangely compromised)
    Gone!!! Actually really really good. It is more of listening headphone than close/critical listening headphone. I like it more and more. This is a gem, nothing short of it and in its own way sounds just perfect depending on the set up. The more power the better with this headphone and a capable DAC only helps. On a slight power deficit the presentation of the music sounds good enough to enjoy yet compromised because the stereo image lacks stability and focus; it is weird.
    Burn in: light, through use.
    Sound: close to the DF yet less critical and more fun, the HP1000 has a different clarity and sounds less mid-centric, very lively and somehow neutral sounding, sound stage is less than the DF although ample, definition with a slight lack of control depending on set up.
    Amplification: 32 ohms, it really benefits from more power.
    Flaws: bulky, rare, the more power the better it sounds. 
    Philips N6330
    Gone!!! The AKG Kx40 Sextet clone made by/for Philips and quite an interesting headphone... I can understand why some studios in the Netherlands liked to use this headphone. It sounds great for just music listening but it sounds good enough for monitoring too for it is close to the DF in sound, just slightly less in detail, more low range definition and warmer while still having good clarity. This is a very likeable headphone. No longer needed...
    Burn in: light, through use.
    Sound: warm, very present low range, balanced, clear, detailed, intimate, nice sound stage (initial impression!).
    Amplification: 600 ohms, needs it.
    Flaws: bulky, vintage->rare.
    Sony DR 5A 
    The little brother of the 6A. It sounds very good I must admit. I am pleased, very much so. Listening to my music the music comes across as lifelike filled with detail and musicality with an 'analogue' quality. On the album "Focus III" by Focus the music does not sound digital. Keep in mind the recording of the album and the Sony was hooked up to my CD751. Yet, I suspect I could be partial to the way the 5A presents music. I really enjoy the music through this headphone. Does this headphone have a thing with church organs? This special headphone is a keeper. 
    Burn in: light, through use. 
    Sound: clear, neutral/natural, detail, sound stage, present spaciousness, sounds balanced, very tight bass.
    Amplification: 8 ohms, needs it badly, power hungry.
    Flaws: discomfort, rare, power hungry.
    Sony DR 7
    Surprisingly good and it has a stereo-mono switch. Just know that my first test track is usually Audioslave's "Cochise" and this Sony really deserves the title 'Rock headphone. This headphone seems to be made for studio and DJ use. The thick leather ear pads are a treat and the Sony reminds me of a speaker in ear cup design. I can almost feel the bass in Massive Attacks "Teardrop" and the graininess is really exposed.   
    Burn in: yes, slight improvement.
    Sound: sounds dark due to its present deep bass, clear, balanced?, detail, high hats and symbals sound forward, bass sounds good and goes deep, instrument separation is surprisingly good for a headphone with little to no sound stage, after initial burn in the sibilance in the highs became acceptable.  
    Amplification: 8 ohms, needs it.
    Flaws: slight discomfort, mono does not do much
    Roelofs DH-10-S (DT48 ear pads!)
    Really good after burn in, it transformed from ugly and gritty to clear and unrefined sound delivery. The reason for its sound can lie in the fact that its design seems to be based on speakers housed in ear cups, interesting. I removed the old plasticky-filled-with-dead-foam ear pads with used DT48 ear pads which still had live in them. The difference is that the clarity is now combined with a more controlled presentation. With some music I can hear the music sounds contained as if in a spacious hall although not too big. I am not done but this strange thing is now longer junk either...
    Burn in: yes, it did wonders and I am not done.
    Sound: after the IsoTek and additional burn in disc everything improved, clear, tight bass, good instrument seperation, detail, sound stage (adapts),  there is an audible fall of of the lower frequencies although the bass remains, a certain unrefinedness and contained sound for it sounds like a cheap set of speakers placed on the ears.  
    Amplification: 8 ohms, loves amplification yet it works without too.
    Flaws: slight discomfort, rare -> vintage.
    Lenco K-105
    This headphone always fascinated me. I found one, bought it and gave it a listen. It was unclear whether the Lenco was regularly used but after unpacking it I gave it a listen: clear and defined sound with good bass. Clarity and good bass are the first two things I look for with headphones. It reminds me of the old Pioneer, just different. More to come...
    Burn in:
    Sound: clear...
    Flaws: vintage->rare, loose on the head.
    Roelofs DH-06-LT-S (replaced the ear pads for Audio Technica ATH M40 FS ear pads!)
    For some reason this obscure headphone sounds better than my PX200 II although it does not sound as spacious. Very smooth and involving sounding headphone this Roelofs...
    Burn in: the Isotek disc, I did not notice a difference after...
    Sound: clear, defined, bass sounds tight yet under-emphasized and reminds me of the DF.  
    Amplification: 8 ohms, needs it and benefits from it. 
    Flaws: tight on the ears causes discomfort. 
    Sony MDR CD900 ST (Sony Goodness) + (Traded)
    Gone!!! This Sony has been on the wish list for some time. I missed the MDR V7 by a hair on Ebay. This sleek headphone presents music in a very detailed way: bright. I like bright so I find it relaxing and as an extra well recorded music sounds excellent. This headphone sounds very balanced although for my ears the mids really shine. For mostly pure and instrumental music: Jazz, Country etcetera this headphone is incredibly good. Still for other 'genres' of music the CD900 ST still does what it does: it brings the music closer and does not spare you the details. Your head feels like the microphone. Amazing headphone, I no longer need it though...
    Burn in: through use
    Sound: bright, sounds balanced, great instrument separation, detail, sound stage will depend on the recording, what it lacks in ultimate transparency it make up in voices and atmosphere. 
    Amplification: does not seem to need it but I prefer it with an amplifier. 
    Flaws: a bit loose on the head, rare, loud: watch out with that volume regulator!
    AKG K181 DJ (Given to a dear friend...)
    Gone!!! I purchased this headphone for I once tried it shortly and I was surprised by the balanced presentation of the music. After some listing I can only say this K181 is a keeper. I now have found several reasons to use the Small/Large Club switch: electronic music and classical music (Bach and church organs). Everything the K518 does well, the K181 does it much better except that the K181 sounds more neutral
    Burn in: through use.
    Sound: quite balanced, true to the recording, slightly more mid and lows although the highs still have enough sparkle without too much (tiring) treble, enough transparency (initial impression), detail, engaging presentation.
    Amplification: fine with the DAPs, better with amplification.
    Flaws: tight on the ears which causes discomfort although isolation is excellent.
    Sennheiser HD265 Linear (Why Sennheiser?)
    Gone!!! Different headphones of different manufacturers have different clarity and this Sennheiser is amazing. I am quite taken with this sound. Sennheiser and AKG know clarity but the difference is striking. The AKG-clarity is very smooth and sounds effortless (DF) while the HD265 sounds clear, but sounds as if the music is presented with more effort and 'body' to the music. I love the bass tones and drums  with this headphone. The church organ sounded so right. I am sure though, the overall transparency that I appreciate in de DF is lacking in with this HD265. Compared to the DF in ideal set up the HD265 can sound 'muddy' and unrefined and this subtle difference widens the gap in performance between the DF and this Sennheiser. Likeable or not I am not sure if keeping this compromised headphone around is of any use. If Sennheiser had made this a more transparent headphone this would have been a possible keeper, this one has to go...
    Burn in: yes, light and through use.
    Sound: clear, source dependant (clear/dark), balance more lows-mids with good highs, sense of space, very good instrument separation, the low range extension and detail are great, overall detail retrieval is good, vocals sound good with an added sense of space and distance, with the right source (track) and set up you can feel surrounded by bass. 
    Amplification: seems to need it 150 ohms, although not power hungry yet it really benefits with power. 
    Flaws: rare, too plasticky for my liking, cable seems flimsy (this applies to more headphones), definitely needs a good DAC (section)!
    Beyerdynamic DT48E 25 ohms 
    Gone!!! One of the best gambles I made with headphones. This headphone can make or break both your music and set up at the same time which makes it easy to 'dislike'. I like that characteristic as much as it is annoying. Thing is, well recorded music full of emotion in a good set up sounds so intimate it can make you weep both of the emotion in the music. I probably have a eighties version.This headphone is special yet I mainly prefer the K240 DF. For the midrange my DT48E is a keeper though.
    Burn in: light and through use.
    Sound: problematic as in love/appreciat/hate, low end sounds yet very tight and defined, midrange is one of the best I heard, the highs have 'bright' presentation but I am still not sure what to think of the highs, sound stage is compact yet flexible and combined with the instrument separation the sense of space and placement is still convincing.
    Amplification: without just fine, with amplification even better especially if you want a bit more bass.
    Flaws: fit and seal have to be just right to get the full sound of your music, it does not like dodgy set ups and transports (also a good thing!).
    Pioneer Monitor 8 Gone!!! (Passed on to a dear friend...)
    I have a thing for Pioneer and I could not pass up on the little brother of the 10R. 
    Burn in: no, through use.
    Sound: a more fun 10R, clarity, emphasis on low - and midrange, little treble boost?, reminiscent of the V6 somehow.
    Amplification: does not need it.
    Flaws: rare.
    AKG K518 LE (Modified) 
    Gone!!! Stock this little AKG is almost acceptable, modified it is acceptable. I removed the foam and strengthened the cable with some tape, also to counter the tangling up. Too bad AKG choose to skimp on a decent cable. For more than 50 euros even Panasonic with its RP-HTX7 has a sturdy cable. I can no longer ignore its flaws. I will either go for a PX200 II or something else. What annoys me the most is the lack of low end information but then again I know this portable is a bassy compromise. (Whoever insists the K181 is not worth the price, I think you are plain wrong!) 
    Burn in: light, through use.
    Sound: bass oriented, after removing the foam much better for my preferences, the bass lacks a bit of definition although no fuzziness, beats sound addicting, bass texture is less, midrange is only acceptable, highs are limited, the PX200 II is the better all round headphone but does not isolate as well, lack of detail despite good tonality and warm presentation.
    Amplification: not needed, does improve with amplification.
    Flaws: slight discomfort, adding some padding on the inside of the headband is next on the 'to do list', cable too thin!
    Beyerdynamic DT48?-5 (1950)
    Again a gamble, expensive though. It arrived in a sorry state and is in need of a serious clean up and serious recable.
    Sony MDR CD1700
    Gone!!! After having tried a HD800 and R10 at the Dutch Head-Fi-meet I jumped on the chance to get this headphone.  I am pleasantly surprised with this chameleon type headphone. In my opinion it defines what you hear a bit more precise than the DF but the midrange has a dryness to it that I tend to dislike after a while. Bass is there if the music contains any bass. 
    Burn in: through use.
    Sound: clear, very tight and defined bass, clean/clinical midrange, beautiful highs, impressive instrument separation and sound stage, very detailed.
    Amplification: according to specification not needed, I prefer amplified.
    Flaws: rare, picky with amplification and settings.
    Sennheiser PX100
    Gone!!! Proglover had one left so he gave it to me. It might be a fun little headphone to mess with since I have little use for it.
    Burn in: light, though use.
    Sound: bass oriented, addicting presentation.
    Amplification: not needed, not tested either.
    Flaws: poor build quality but what do you expect for the price?, will a recable and better earpads work their magic?
    Beyerdynamic DT480
    Gone!!! A slightly warmer and more 'fun' sounding DT48 version in one way but still a headphone that holds its own. Thanks Joel...
    Burn in: light, through use.
    Sound: Joelpearce's review says it all.
    Amplification: according to specification not needed, I prefer amplified.
    Flaws: rare...
    Fostex T50RP (Stock!)
    Gone!!! A gamble of which I was not sure. After a day of critical listening and some burn in I notice a certain focus. The midrange and vocals stand out and sound rather cohesive. Rather than sounding chopped up everything sounds more cohesive and detailed in a warmish way, I did not expect that. Reminds me of the Monitor 10: a bit less defined, slower but warm and still detailed enough for monitoring.
    Burn in: yes, effect is subtle (I love Metal.).
    Sound: clear, warm and detailed, good instrument separation, more pleasant than revealing, very pleasant midrange, sub bass is there but rolled off, highs sound polite but present.
    Amplification: 50 ohms does not seem like much but it likes a bit of extra power.
    Flaws: pricey in Europe...
    Sennheiser HD250 II Linear
    Gone!!! A gamble again. Listening to this headphone does not give you the idea you are listening to a closed headphone. Knowing the HD265 was its successor I do not understand why Sennheiser did it since the HD250 II sounds as if Sennheiser was close to fun perfection. Bass is lean until the recording requires more bass, then the floodgates open and combined with the more than acceptable midrange and its sparkly highs with the right music you can easily become addicted. If this headphone had midrange equal of the K400 I would have kept it, still one of the best Sennheiser headphones I tried...  
    Burn in: not necessary...
    Sound: clear, dynamic, excellent low end, more than acceptable midrange, good and slightly sparkly highs, sound stage is good, impressive instrument separation.
    Amplification: needs it.
    Flaws: rare, cable, build quality is a bit cheap...
    AKG K400
    To repeat myself is pointless: I was just curious. Very good mids and very honest since I do not perceive bumps that annoy me and come across as boosted. Power hungry, very power hungry especially noticeable in the low end. Too little power and low end extension sound hollow. 
    Burn in: not necessary...
    Amplification: needs it!
    Flaws: rare, flimsy quality cable...
    Beyerdynamic DT48S (Special headphone)
    Just in, just listened and a keeper. This headphone leaves the DT48E-25 in the dust and gives a sublime stereo image...
    Burn in: not necessary...
    Sound: revealing to say the least...
    Amplification: eats power...
    Flaws: discomfort, rare, needs a lot of power.
    Philips SHP5401 (Budget gem)
    Out of curiosity I bought two of these and they are cheap. After about 50 hours burn in there is a bit more refinement and more information in the low end. I would almost call this a a little step brother of the CD1700, it is that impressive. A bit of amplification is effective though.
    Burn in: effective, more low end information and more refinement.
    Sound: a bit like a smaller version of the CD1700.
    Amplification: not necessary needed but I prefer with amplification.
    Flaws: for the price none!
    AKG K500 
    Given I like the K400 already I took the gamble on the K500. If the K400 is already pleasant, the K500 is an absolute pleasure.
    Burn in: not necessary.
    Sound: lacks a bit of bass, otherwise close to perfect for me.
    Amplification: needs it.
    Flaws: rare, power hungry...
    Philips N6325 Electret
    Gone!!! And now for something completely different: the electret sibling of the the N6330. The highs through the N6325 are a revelation compared to even the CD1700: sharp, defined and in full effect. The midrange sounds fast and detailed but I not sure about the vocals. The low range is there but needs gain and current to wake up. 
    Burn in: not necessary...
    Sound: sharp, spacious due to the revelatory highs...
    Amplification: needs it.
    Flaws: rare, power hungry, due to weird design not very comfortable, ear pads...
    Philips SHP6000
    Gone!!! I could not resist taking the gamble for the price. For now it is a keeper for its sound signature and finish. Even the wonderful PX200 II seems like a overpriced piece of gear compared to this product. This budget headphone looks and feels like a luxury accessory. It sounds pleasant and fun. In short: V-shaped, slightly confined midrange but still perfectly acceptable and very fun sounding. 
    Burn in: did not matter...
    Sound: fun...
    Amplification: not necessary.
    Flaws: no isolation, the cable is too long and not detachable, no folding mechanism, no travel pouch (greedy ...)
    Philips SHP8000 
    Gone!!! The big brother of the 6000, a basshead headphone and still acceptable at that. Good recordings still sound good but popular music will sound bass oriented.
    Burn in: not necessary.
    Sound: bassy, confined midrange, highs lack presence, detailed, loud, sensitive/high noise floor, good sense of space for a closed headphone.
    Amplification: not necessary.
    Flaws: bassy music sounds very much bassy, sound signature is sometimes too bass heavy, isolation is average at most.
    Sennheiser HD250 II Linear
    Gone!!! I bought a second one for keeps plus one spare. One of the best closed headphones I tried.           
    AKG K241 (Gone, passed on...)
    Joe Presto had one out of use. Interesting headphone. In short: it sounded like a K240 DF with less energy in the highs which gives way for a smoother sound, that is pretty much it for me.
    Beyerdynamic DT1350 
    Gone!!! The price was about right, this headphone is on par with the HD250 II. For me that is all that should be mentioned given how good the Linear sounds...
    AKG K181 DJ
    The first K181 I gave away but I missed it too much so I had to buy a second one for keeps. I can live without the fiddly DT1350 but the smooth  sounding K181 is a must... 
    Philips SHP9000
    As much as I like the K500 as a regular headphone I opted to try and open headphone with more low end response. The SHP9000 fits the bill quite well. I just prefer my K500...                                                                                                                                                     
    11/02-2011: comparisons are coming since all the headphones I want to test now work properly. 
    10/03-2011: Little Dot Mark V is in, testing has begun.
    19/03-2011: track list is done, began making notes...
    16/04-2011: I have too many headphones, over time the collection will become smaller. 
    06/05-2011: kickstarted the 'review project' after finally getting the track list right followed by a few free days. Now working on headphone 3 out of 7. 
    10/05-2011: 'review project', headphone 6/7 almost done and in this week the 'review' could be finished. 
    18/05-2011: CD1700 is next up for review, DF + HP1000? (Skipping the Pioneers for now.)
    18/06-2011: I have to get my Sansui back in running order. Why did I ever bother with the Little Dot?
    20/06-2011: there is no hiss with the Fostex connected to the Mark V and suddenly it makes sense to keep the Mark V, that amplifier still impresses me. 
    12/07-2011: lately I have used mostly the T50rp, K181, Monitor 8 and CD1700. The other headphones are hardly in use. There is at least one 'review project' I have to do until I can decrease the collection completely. 
    15/07-2011: next review project includes the K240 DF, CD1700, T50RP and the Philips HP1000. I hardly use my much beloved Pioneers so I have to part with them in due time. The old Monitors will stay though. 
    19/07-2011: I could not resist again. A Sennheiser and AKG are on the way. Soon two headphones will be for sale with more to come.
    02/09-2011: the HP1000 has gone to a collector. The spare K240 DF is in, a newer version I assume. The CD1700, I have to find the best amplification settings for it. After that a comparison with the old Sony headphones could be fun. The 15/07 plans are no longer interesting. 
    14/10-2011: why do so many people buy headphone amplifiers that do not allow you to manually adjust the gain? Especially for home use adjustable gain is vital to make the right settings so you can drive your headphones properly. 
    14/11-2011: Electrets and Stats, I am curious...
    07/12-2011: it is certain. I have my reference headphones which I consider keepers thus it is time to clean up. Next up speakers and whatever interests me...
    16/12-2011: clean up time, even my K400 and K500 have to go. This hobby is fun and addicting but for the coming time I want to focus on other things in live thus I have to let go of everything I can miss. 
    07/01-2012: I recently bought the M-Audio BX5 and I much more enjoy listening via speakers. I should have bought decent speakers sooner but regardless of that I can continue cleaning up the headphone collection. Since the K400 and K500 did not find new owners I might keep them given they need a recable anyway. I will consider passing on the K240 DF because for some reason I slightly prefer the K400.
    22/02-2012: the DFs and K241 can go, time to pass on some of my favourite headphones again.
    12/03-2012: time has been kind and headphones have become fewer.
    28/06-2010: again time to clean up, I even have to consider passing on the DT48S. To keep or not to keep the K500(s)?
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  2. Deep Funk
  3. Deep Funk
  4. Deep Funk
  5. Deep Funk
    Headphones have become less important lately...
  6. mobbaddict
    Hi Deep Funk
    thank you for the fantastic work you provide, loads of good studio headphones here. May I ask which headphone you like the most right now? And which one has the most enjoyable midrange? (not necessarily the most neutral)
  7. Deep Funk
    Nowadays I prefer the K240DF for its subtle warmth in the midrange and if I want a bit more neutrality the K500/CD1700/Monitor10(R) are next. For detail the DT48S is a monster.
    I mostly use the K181 given it is my portable headphone. Its only flaw for me in general is the comfort. Other than that I do not think I will replace it any time soon.  
  8. Deep Funk
    For the time being I am content. As partly indicated on my profile my main headphones in use are:
    K500 (K601 ear pads)
    AKG K181 (Portable, foldable, works.)
    The keepers:
    K400 (AKG magic)
    DT48A (In need of repair.)
    Time to clean up...

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