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Headphone newbie, looking for a good purchase in the $100-300 range

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by extroverted, Dec 14, 2010.
  1. Extroverted
    I'm brand new to the world of high-end headphones, but I love music and want to take my listening experience to the next level.
    Let me set out my parameters. I'm a college student who's going to be wearing these a lot while studying, so a few things are very important to me. One is portability: I have to be able to take them around, I'll be going back and forth between class and the library all the time. I would prefer closed headphones. Isolation is really important to me (I have to be able to focus in a noisy lounge, when my roommate is playing video games, etc.). Another is minimal leak: I'd like to use them in a library setting, so avoiding leak would be great. And obviously, I want the best sound quality possible within the confines of these parameters, and am willing to make some sacrifices for clearly superior sound quality. As for my musical preferences, I listen mostly to rap and hip hop, though I also listen to alternative and classic rock frequently.
    I've been considering a few sets, how do they compare based on these parameters? 
    Sennheiser PXC 450
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50
    Shure SRH750 DJ
    Beats Studio by Dre
    How do these measure up? Or are there better options. Thanks in advance for the assistance, this board seems so knowledgeable and helpful.
  2. NumLock
     Just my opion but I would hate to bring full size headphones with me anywhere. Have you considered an IEM? I am also a colleger student and I use my IE7 when I am out and my cans at home.
  3. dub Beatz
    Drop the beats and you got a solid start! However, I too am a college student and prefer my IEMs for using around campus. If you want a really good pair of IEMs grab some Turbine Pros, copper or gold. Copper for more accuracy, and gold for more bass :). Also, there are the IE7s like NumLock said. These are all great choices, which all obviously include a great deal of portability. My Turbine Pros isolate more noise than my DT770/80s, which says a lot. They are like noise canceling headphones without the stupid noise cancellation effect haha.
  4. jasonb
    I agree. Full size cans at home... IEM's on the go. IEM's are also a lot easier to power out of a portable device, isolate very well, and pretty much don't leak at all.
  5. cowjuan
    i would go with the m50s. they are praised here and provide great sound. you might also consider the sennheiser hd 280 pro. they block noise very well and has awesome sound quality. also, if you get any of these two headphones, get the "coiled" cable version. it makes them more portable. that way you wouldn't have to carry around a "garden hose" with you throughout school. [​IMG]
  6. soundeffect
    I would scratch out the beats by dr. dre as they leak sort of a lot and replace the option with the d1100.  These things have bass.
  7. sumathias
    People have told me that the m50s don't isolate too well. They probably can't block out enough sound in a noisy lounge.
  8. dub Beatz
    I've read similar reports regarding the M50s.
  9. Extroverted
    Thanks for all the helpful input. I really want to get a full set for my first pair of nice headphones, but I'll probably get some earbuds pretty soon down the road. Right now I'm thinking about the M50s, maybe the Sennheisers. I really appreciate all the help.
  10. snidervx
    Having tried out both the 750DJs and the M50s, I found the 750DJs to be a better fit for me (personally).
    I found M50's isolation to be quite decent, more than enough for lounge/library use. But the pleather pads made me sweat during long sessions :frowning2:
    I also found better treble with the M50s, but the bass didn't feel enounced enough for me. The bass on the 750DJs are much punchier and the overall sound quality is comparable. 
    But to be honest, the M50s look a lot better than my 750DJs. [​IMG]
    Oh, and if you're looking for good budget earphones, check out MEElectronics M9 (Amazon).
  11. juman231
    I have ath-m50, and I think the bass actually improves after some burn-in time. 
    Although i have some complaints about small soundstage with m50, with everything else, I'm in love! You should definitely try them.
  12. Extroverted
    How does the sound quality compare between the PX 450s and the ATH-M50s? I haven't been able to find a direct comparison. Which has better sound? And if one is better, by how much?
  13. soundeffect
    isolation isn't so bad.  With music off you can hear people talking slightly, but with music on very low volume you can't hear anything.
  14. Banshee77
    I say SRH750dj's or the M50's
  15. Armaegis
    If your budget it stretching up to $300, I say give the Pioneer HDJ-2000 a look.

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