headphone+mixamp questions
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Dec 29, 2010
im looking looking for new headphones since my razer carcharias broke on me.ive read a few topics about the superlux hd688b and they seem interesting.how is the sound quality with the mixamp on the ps3?also what would be a good mic for it?i saw various ways to add mics.such as modmic,zalman,and a velcroed mic.which is these would be the best for me?i play bf3 alot with friends and we talk alot and do a lot of enemy callouts so they must be able to hear me clearly.i am also open to suggestions for headphones but i dont want to spend more than $80.
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Apr 22, 2012
I have a hd668b, I can tell you it sounds awesome, but as to the other things I can't really comment too much on the ps3 or anything really related to that as I do computer gaming. If it supports USB mics and you have a table nearby I can tell you a logitech usb area mic has served me well for several years now and has crystal clear sound. And that sits about 3 feet away from me and it picks up my voice perfectly.
Just know there is one big downfall to the hd668b the ear pads, after awhile your ears will sweat if you try to wear them for long duration. Velour pads might make it more breathable and fix the problem as they fit some AKG velours perfectly but which ones off hand I don't know a quick search will find you the answer if you want.

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