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Jul 11, 2008
Before reading: All prices mentioned are Australian, as are all websites, this is dual posted at Headphones/Mike - Audio - PC Hardware - Whirlpool Broadband Forums

Hey, I'm looking at a pair of AKG 530 Heaphones, as well as a mike, does anyone know what these headphones are like, or if there are any others around that are good, I'm looking for a pair for gaming and music, which are circumaural around the same price range. Approximately $150-200 and available in Perth, I'm looking at Headphonics, Headphonic | Australian Headphone Specialists: Buy Etymotic, Alessandro, Audio Technica, Ultimate Ears, Talisman, Meier Audio and more as they seem to have the largest range.
I'd prefer a pair which are comfortable for long usage, upto 10 hours possibly, as well as decent sound quality, I'd prefer to avoid SteelSound though, as I've had bad experiences with their manufacturing quality, I spoke to a person at Headphonics, and he said that the range of circumaural headsets is exceedingly small, so I was also looking at a microphone, preferably one which I could just clip onto the headphones, kind of just like a home made headset, and preferably a good microphone, used for WoW among other things, which is actually audible, and doesn't have all the fuzz sound that is common in cheap headsets.
This would be preferable to get from either Home, :: PLE Computers ::, NetPlus Micro Computers, JB HiFi, or Harvey Norman

By the way, I live in Perth Northside (Australia) so if you know any other places which I can get it cheap thats relatively close, say so.
PS: I really don't want to spend that much so telling me that spending $170 is a waste and I should spend $500 or whatever is pointless, I'm a school student, not someone with a full time job and a large amount of disposable income.

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