Headphone Loudness?
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Oct 10, 2004
How can you tell if your headphones are too loud? I definately don't want hearing damage, but I also want to maximize volume b/c it sounds better at higher volumes. Tips/tricks/advice... anything is appreciated.
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personally, when in private i try to keep it under about 90dB. And to give you an idea, 90 is like hearing a motorcycle drive by at about 150 yards away.

70db is siting inside of a moving car on the highway.

Just get it somewhere in between there.
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If you're really concerned get a decibal meter

Basically, as already mentioned make sure you don't hear any ringing after a listening session. If you do, take time off and don't listen for a couple days. When you come back, turn it down.

It's also important to note that hearing damage does not always come from LOUD noises, but slightly loud noise over long period of time can also cause damage. If you listen for extended periods of time, go ahead and drop the volume compared to a short session.

Set the level where it's almost too quiet to hear all the details, and then bump it up once notch. Take breaks often and pay attention to feedback from your ears.

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