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Headphone Life - Sonic Electronix

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  1. SonicElectronix
    Here at Sonic Electronix not only are we about getting the best prices and deals, we’re obsessed with everything audio. We are a diverse group of electronics enthusiasts, aficionados, geeks, techies, and music lovers. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to share in our “Headphone Life” here at Sonic, and our mission is to spread the word of true audio bliss. This will be our little spot on the Interweb to share our new/current products, and what we are doing. So sit back and enjoy as we live, learn and listen. 
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  2. SonicElectronix
    Our content writer, KP, smiling like a kid at Chuckie Cheese as he gets his hands dirty with the Hifiman EF-100 amplifier/dac combo. Trying it out with various sources and headphones so he can soon express his feels for everyone.......or write a review like some people call it.
    Shout out to Summer at Hifiman for hooking us up with a unit.
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  3. SonicElectronix
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  4. SonicElectronix
  5. SonicElectronix
    Now that we're carrying Final Audio Design I get a chance to test out some of their in-ear monitors, the Heaven VII (top) and FI-BASS (below).  They're beautiful well built products and they sound amazing. I favored them mostly with classical, jazz, blues, and some rock. They are very intimate and technical.  This is all I can really say for now as I've only had them for a few hours.
  6. SonicElectronix
  7. SonicElectronix
    We have something exciting for next month's C*N**$*.  Can you guess what it is and what those 3 items are? Here's a hint!
  8. imackler
    The first part is the Sennheiser IE80! Maybe the West edition... 
  9. SonicElectronix
    Came back to my desk to find the HE400S missing. Went over to my coworker's, Kris P., desk to find this interesting setup. And it's interesting for two reasons:
    1) What's with the adapter arrangement?
    2)Those are the headphones I apparently wasn't testing out at my desk. [​IMG]
    I expected these cans to sound good but they have exceeded my expectations thus far.....controlled and balanced.  I can't wait til they get some time on them to see how the sound progresses. They may also make for a great combo with the EF-100.  
  10. SonicElectronix
    Good guess! We have lots of good things coming for the head-fi community.
  11. SonicElectronix

  12. SonicElectronix
  13. SonicElectronix
    The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO are definitely going to be part of my collection. I definitely need more time with them but  so far they are great in almost every way and work with every genre of music i've thrown at it so far,
    1)looks: sexy
    2)comfort: ok but torn between which pads I prefer. Takes some practice to know how to change pads
    3)build quality: solid
    4)sound: balanced, tight bass, low bass extension, wide spacial soundstage, detailed, highs ever so slightly on the bright side for me, mids are a little forward. 
    I'm using them with the Beyerdynamic A20 amplifier, Spotify and a bag of Takis chips.
    Check them out!
  14. SonicElectronix
  15. SonicElectronix
    Hey there gals and guys,
    We're excited to announce that for the month of October we bring you Sennheiser the Sweepstakes. We were hoping to give away an HD419, HD429, and HD449 but Sennheiser wasn't having it. Now we bring you the Momentum 2 In-ears, Urbanite On-Ear Sand, IE 80 West In-Ear Monitors, and the new HD 630VB.
    So if you want a chance to win some free stuff put on your Sennheiser thinking cans, fill out the form and check out all the great Sennheiser products on Sonicelectronix.com.
    Good Luck!!!!
    BTW. Don't be surprised if you see another Sennheiser sweepstakes on our website in the next week or two so keep checking.  Enter there for a chance to win as well.

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