Headphone Identity Crisis (help lol)
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I suggest those who attack the OP for such a good decision get down off your Ivory tower and view the world as it really is.

geeze i wasn't attacking him as I stated in my post I don't have an opinion about his situation, i was responding to the post about flipping for profit in general.  And I didn't mean making money off a rare item, I mean using head-fi for sale forums as a business model or store front.  It's good to have rare items sold on headfi because it keeps them here for more reviews and discussion, etc.  If no one could ever make money off a sale, then all the rare items would go to ebay and that would be too bad. 
anyways it will be interesting to see what the op thinks with flat pads instead of bare metal on the ears.
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Sorry, this is my fault for the language I used, "attack" was way too strong. I agree, the OP wasn't being attacked. Sorry for my part in the diversion from topic.
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your are some lucky guy man..
you find a legend for the price of a commoner..
I really envy you here..
but congratulations on your find and hope you enjoy it to their fullest..
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I feel really sorry for the oblivious person who started that garage sale and put those up for $25...
Someones going to be kill themself when they realise they sold a limited, unique, legendary set of cans for $25.
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Wow... just wow... Actually, I'm speechless!
I assume the person who put them up for sale saw them, thought they were old (beacuse of Grado's retro look) and said: "We'll be lucky if we can sell them for a few bucks". It reminded me of the old couple that had a Michelangelo painting worth $300 million behind their living room sofa for 27 years...
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OP COME BACK. I wanna hear the end of this dreary tale haha
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Please stop bumping this thread!!! It's painful lol
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haha sorry. It's awesome though

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