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Jul 30, 2010
Bose around ear
Monster Beats Solo HD
Bose on ear

Reasoning also would be great?

Much appreciated
Or if you have any other suggestions preferably UNDER 180, that would be great. Style is a factor
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Welcome to Head-Fi.
What music do you listen to? What do you want from your sound. Should they be portable? Are they going to be used for anything other than music?
There are quite a few great headphones out there in that price range though imo beats and bose aren't up to snuff quality wise.
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Thank you Napalmk. I listen to Hip-Hop and R&B the most. But other than that i listen to some Alternative bands, Rap, and a little pop. I want all-around goodness from headphones, and yes they should be poratble like the Beats. I would like them to be on or around the ear. Music would probably be the main thing, but then some; like youtube videos, movies, games. Not too much of that stuff though. Thanks once again
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M50s may be worth looking at though FWIR soundstage is a little small for gaming. Shure 840s would also be worth looking at. IMO the Beyerdynamic DT770/80 sounds similar to Beats. They have a lot of bass but the quality isn't that great. Not exactly portable and not what I'd call stylish but they do great with movies and games. I'd recommend checking them out at Guitar Center.
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The m50's seem appealing, shures are a tad bit too much for me. And yeah, if the all-around quality isn't that great, then those are out of the picture. I'll take a look into the m50s, thanks!  What about the three I've listed in the thread?
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Bose around ear
Monster Beats Solo HD
Bose on ear

M50.  reasoning?
for $90 to $100, you can get a headphone that sounds considerably better than the bose and monster pap that gets flung on consumers every day.

thank you for coming to head-fi.
we rescued another one, boys!!! 

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Haha, I'm not going to lie, that helped out; to hear another person suggesting the m50's, and to make me realize that the beats do get ranted on. Much cheaper also. Thanks

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