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Steele Phallus

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Oct 4, 2019
South Florida
Newbie here. Just picked up a pair of Sundaras. I use the with my Demon AVR-S900W exclusively, no amp or anything, just plugged directly into the Demon.

Currently I have a 15 foot extension cable from Amazon that runs from the Demon to the Sundaras. My issue is this, the cable connection at the headphone end is less than secure. If I move cable it drops the signal to the left ear. It seems that I have to insert the cable "just so" and stay still in order to have sound in both ears.

So, can someone offer up any ideas on a cable that will be reliable? I've searched threads here and find Monoprice and Blue Jean mentioned frequently. Also, do I want to just have a single cable from Demon to headphones? I would be fine with that as well.

Thanks all...


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Hi @Steele Phallus,

I suggest if you're after a standard headphone extension cable, the following come to mind :

Grado Extension Cable (Potentially sensitive to noisy sources at low or no volume)
Custom made cable using Canare cable & Neutrik or Rean Connectors (Pro audio shops will have something either ready made or made to order)

Hope you have a great day !

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