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Headphone Dac and amp suggestions

  1. Mccorm
    Hi All,
    I am looking for Desktop Headphone Dac and amp with pre-amp for speakers. Suggestions for under $600/£450 (I am in UK) go cheaper if possible but I definitely want very good products and good bang for my buck. I want a Dac and amp and preamp for 2 studio monitors this can be an all in one unit or separate (preferably solid state as I want a neutral sound), I don’t mind. I would really like a very good dac and amp that I can use the volume knob for the headphones and speakers and would be great if I could switch between output (headphones and speakers) i have also heard that if you get your power from usb you can sometimes hear static so I would prefer it to not be USB powered but get audio from usb. I also want it to be future proof for my headphones and good for high impedance and drive most headphones it doesn’t need a balanced output. I have looked at many different options and thought I found the right one when I crossed the Fostex HPA4BL but then heard it’s not got a very powerful amp and might not drive future headphones I might by. FYI I am using this in a desk setup with a tower pc.

    Please provide all your info and suggestions all are appreciated as I need help with this and am new to the audiophile scene.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    AudioGD NFB-11

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