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Headphone cable (2-pin) with good microphone?

  1. ZzBOG

    I am trying to find a replacement cable that would be good enough for mid-range IEM (FLC-8s) sound-wise, but will have a decent microphone.

    I got NULL Adudio cable and while the sound is good, microphone is much worse than the stock Apple buds microphone.

    Anyone has a cable with mic they can recommend? For iPhone if that matters
  2. ZzBOG
    Still wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an IEM cable (TF-10 / FLC8S compatible) that has microphone? 

    something within 100-150$ pricerange
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  3. toears
    Am in the market for the same....
  4. Navier
    I am interested too...
  5. Navier
  6. cardeli22
    I was wondering the same thing. The lack of responses for this post confirms what I have noticed, Most audiophiles see the mic as a plague. Some claim it degrades the sound or the microphonics go through the roof. A good indicator of this is the CA Comet thread here in headfi. Lots of early posts of people asking Ken Ball (the Founder) why would they bundle the iems with a cable that has a mic on it. I, personally, see iems for mainly outdoor use and wonder why you wouldn't want a mic (for fielding phone calls). I have read some people keep the cheap earbuds that came with their phones with them to swap out when a phone call comes in. That seems cumbersome.
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