Headphone buying advice
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Mar 18, 2011
Hey guys, I need your help on selecting a pair of IEMs to replace the UE200s I've been using....

Basically i'm looking for something within $100-$130 and with a mic support (I'll be using a Google Nexus 5 as source), with a real solid build and good accessories selection. As for the sound quality, Im looking for something that's analytical but also fairly forgiving to poor quality source (got a couple of tracks on mp3, although the rest are all flacs and dunno how the Nexus counts as a source :p). I also prefer a balanced sound signature, with a slight preference on the low end as I listen to reggae and other related genre quite a bit but nothing too boomy. I also plan on investing on a portable amp soon, preferably the E07k

Based on this, what are my options? I've already looked at Etymotic's hf2 but I read they're a bit too unforgiving for poor quality source. Are there any alternatives available or should I just go ahead and buy them? I also don't mind purchasing refurbs as long as they're in a good condition and ship to my country (Bangladesh).... Thanks

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