Headphone bass leak (no bass)
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Jun 19, 2015
Hi, I'm a new member of head fi and pretty new to audio. I had the sennheiser cx 300ii, they are a great pair of iems btw, but recently one side stopped working. Then I tried to crack open the headphone casing with a cutter and fixed it. Unfortunately the casing cant seal back properly anymore even if i used power glue. This resulted with the bass not present. Is it caused by the poor seal of the headphone case? Or maybe a poor connection?( i checked the soldered connection and they seem pretty solid) or the driver is affected by the heat exposed from the soldering iron? And what can i do to fix it?
Thank you for your time.
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Think its time to say 'bye bye' to your CX300ii, live and let die.
You can do far better than CX300II for $40 with something like SoundMagic E10. 
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But what reduced the bass? I want to familiarize my self with these things so i would not make the same mistake in the future. And are there great recommendations for iems at sub $50? I like to listen to EDM and house music, i want balanced sound signature, it would be good if it has inline volume controls and if it is tangle free, but it is not necessary. Btw thank you so much for your answer and suggestions, your response are greatly apprectiated

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