Headphone Auditioning in PDX
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Jun 17, 2009
I am new to this forum, and am amazed at how much info is posted daily with this group. I am interested in purchasing my first real set of headphones in over 20 Years. I listen mostly to jazz, male and female vocalists, bluegrass, older rock and a bit of punk. Very little classical. I am looking for a set of HPs in the $350 - $450 range. Do any of you know a good store in Portland OR or its environs that has a good selection of phones for auditioning. I think I'm most interested in Sennheiser and Grado phones at this point. Thanks in Advance.
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Thanks for your comment. Do you think it would be wise to purchase a second hand pair of headphones, including the Grado RS-1, without an audition?

I think it wouldn't.

In that price range you really want to try the phones before you buy them, it's like buying shoes essentially. If they don't fit (with the sound you have in mind)it's not worth it.
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If you are saying Grado OR Sennheiser, then you definitely don't know how different they are. Even within their lines, there are several differences and variations to take into account. I would suggest reading a lot and searching on this forum so you get a good idea on what you think might be good choices for you in your price range.

Then short list them out, ask around, look for stores that have them, or better still, make it to a meet and check them out in person. But honestly I've not always done that. For the HD650's, I heard them at a meet went wow and ended up buying those, but for the DT770, I took a chance based on research on head-fi and ordered it online, and once I got them I found that they suit me better for my use case (closed vs open, and comfort), and really I found the sound quite favourable, so I sold my 650's.

It all comes down to preferences, but reading past threads on headfi gives you a good idea on what to expect and what might suit your requirements. You really arent gonna get an answer to Grado vs Sennheiser from anyone else, you have to find that out for yourself, or atleast know enough to go one way vs the other.
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Erd, Nadavnaz, Jilgijongijing-

Thanks for your comments advice. You are all correct. I know nothing about the differences between Grado and Sennheiser, or others such as BD. I live in the Pacific Northwest and am looking for retailers that have a good selection of phones in stock to audition. Also, don't know if there are any Meets scheduled in the area this summer - that would be even better.

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