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Mar 28, 2010
I was searching for a thread here to leave Joe (@jmsaxon69), owner and head dude in charge at Headphone Audiophile, some feedback for the set of Audeze LCD-XC in Bubinga I purchased from him at the third Music City Meet, and realized he doesn't have a MOT thread yet-- a situation which obviously begged for rectification! So I'll kick things off here for Joe, and I look forward to hearing the (doubtlessly positive) feedback from the interactions everyone has with him and his new company!
I interacted with Joe on the thread leading up to the third MCM (link) before actually meeting him the night before the meet itself. He strikes me as just being one of us; a guy who absolutely loves this stuff, who gets excited about the great new gear coming out, and who is constantly on the lookout for more music and better ways to enjoy it. I did not go into the meet intending to buy the LCD-XC (or any headphone, technically-- but you know how that goes), but Joe was exceedingly generous about allowing us to check out all of his stuff (he had his poor sedan stuffed to the gills with basically all the gear it could handle), and I found myself ducking off with the LCD-XC several times, enjoying them more with each listen. He took note of my interest, and made a point to come over, talk to me about it, and ultimately made me a great deal on them... And the rest is, as they say, history! 
I talked with Joe quite a bit in the two days of the meet, and got some time to talk to him outside the meet itself both before and afterwards, and I can confidently recommend him to anyone looking for another real audiophile and community member to work with. He's a great guy, he took great care of me, and I don't doubt that he'll take great care of everyone else that buys from him as well!!
And if you think this is a glowing endorsement, you should hear MattTCG talk about the guy :wink:
Cheers Joe, and thanks for everything!!!
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Sep 10, 2004
I also purchased some merchandise from Joe at the Music City Meet about a month ago. I was not planning on buying anything but he had a Marantz HD-DAC1 and it was calling my name. He was very friendly, laid back and answered questions I had and was even flexible about letting me spend time with the unit. He also gave me a great deal on it. When talking with him furthur we found out that we even had many of the same musical tastes and common interests. He is a generous person and let everyone check out his gear without a second thought.  I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again and can confidently recommend him!! Give Joe a chance and he will take care of you!! Best wishes to your new venture!!
Thanks Joe!
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Jan 14, 2013
while i didn't make the latest the music city meet, i'd become familiar with joe, and his just launched endeavor HEADPHONEAUDIOPHILE.COM , through a mutual friend mattTCG.
i bought a pair of audeze el-8's that ultimately didn't work for me, but the experience with joe was top notch !
he's was easy to work with, and eager to help in anyway he could.
i can give joe my highest recommendation !
good luck joe !
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Sep 26, 2001
Nothing but a first class seller.  Dealt with Joe twice already and he is a great asset to headfi.  Ship fast too!

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