Headphone amplifier and DAC with phono stage/preamp for HD700s
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Oct 30, 2018
Hi all,

Having browsed a few hifi stores and searched on the forums I have still not found the ultimate piece of kit for my situation. Budget - Sub £600. Genre - Alt, indie and classic rock. Location: UK.

I have some Sennheiser HD700's which I listen to on my iMac with a 3.5--> 6.35mm adaptor. This is clearly not powering my headphones well and I need to upgrade. However, I have a planar p1 (without a preamp/phono stage) and want to listen to this through my cans too: why not kill two birds with one stone. The most fitting amp I have found thus far is the Schiit Jotunheim, it has balanced XLR as a bonus. In the UK this is around £520, but I still need to buy a phono stage (around £100). This is a lot of money to spend when I have no chance to listen to the amp. Is there an alternative which I can try? The hifi stores I have been to say this is a very specific, uncommon request.

Will a normal amplifier with a headphone jack be a better option for my budget?

Thanks in advance.
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