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Headphone amp with tone control?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frix, Nov 28, 2012.
  1. frix
    I'm using a fiio e17 currently and I'm loving it's basic EQ/Tone control.
    For convinience reasons I want a proper desktop amp
    which I'm going to connect with my hifi main system.
    My first thought was to buy the fiio e09 and dock the fiio e17 onto it.
    This way I would connect the fiio e17 via spdif with my home cinema receiver.
    so I can still use the fiio as a DAC with its EQ.
    Though this setup is kinda bulky with the spdif connection being on top of the e17.
    Are there any other good headphone amps which offer tone control?
  2. K_19
    Amps such as the PPA and AMB M3 has the Bass Boost option which is adjustable with a knob and can be very useful with many headphones. There are also amps like Stello HP100 which has a "filter" that smoothens out the treble and such.  Can't think of anything in a good desktop amp range which has a EQ-type tone control, though.
  3. frix
    thanks for the info.
    I don't understand why such features which are pretty basic for a stereo speaker amp are
    not common for headphone amps.
  4. Hooster
    Because they muck up the sound.
  5. frix
    So you think mucking up the sound for stereo speaker amps doesn't matter then?
    Sorry but that point does not make sense to me.
  6. Hooster
    Sure do. That is why I don't use them, and that is why you will not see tone controls on high quality speaker amps. You may find tone controls on some integrated amplifiers and receivers but they will usually have a button that allows you to bypass them and hear the sound properly.
  7. Philip Baker
    What I need is a portable, headphones amplifier that enables me to get rid of the bass completely and enhances the treble. I only listen to speech on my headphones, never music, and because of a hearing impairment, sounds that I hear, particularly speech, are muffled and boomy and I can make out almost nothing that people are saying to me, including on the phone. My hearing aids correct this (though not on the phone for some reason). However, I want to be able to listen to audio without having to wear big, over-ear headphones with my hearing aids underneath. I have found I can do this when listening to speech on my PC as it has an equaliser to cut out the bass and increase the treble and this works perfectly for me. Equaliser apps for the mobile phone though seem to be useless for me as they all double up as music players, and only allow the equaliser to be used when playing music stored on the phone, not when making phone calls or listening to the radio etc. My DAB radio that I have next to my bed has a sort of equaliser with presets – Jazz, Classical, Flat, Pop etc – all of which make very little difference and are no use to me at all.

    I cannot try out in-ear headphones in shops as they are all packaged up in plastic, and shop assistants are completely unable to help me to find what I want, and in any case most of them boast of enhanced bass.

    Any suggestions will be gratefully received. I should add that I am almost 70 and live on my pension, so cannot afford anything very expensive.
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    They're kind of rare nowadays given digital sources like computers and smartphones that can do more precise variable EQ settings via software, ie, you can target specific frequencies or do as wide a swath of boost or cut as you can (and maybe make it trim peaks within that swath too).

    If you're using a computer or smartphone anyway might as well use software EQ.
  9. starence
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018

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