Headphone Amp for AKG 701s?
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Feb 18, 2008
Got my new cans today! But... hoping for any constructive thoughts on which headphone amp to get. My situation is:

I have now a Penguin tin C-Moy amp i bought on eBay for 90 bucks a couple years back but wonder if it will adversely affect the sound of the 701s. I've been (wife!) approved for a Cute BEYOND Headphone Amplifier which is in the $200 price range, and that might be a suitable upgrade.

Is there any better amp out there for the money? Should I just stick with the C-Moy? Or (not previously stated) should I hold out for the Musical Fidelity X-Can V3 that will match my amp and player @ twice the cost of the Cute BEYOND?

Opinions and knowledge welcome! Help!
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You are going to need some serious power for the K701's. I would look for a used Heed Canamp for a SS amp, or maybe a millet Max with the highest gain for a Tube amp.
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For $200 seriously... I would consider to get 2nd hand Heed Canamp or bought Little Dot MKII, they will reveal a portion of K701 true potential. Cmoy won't do any justice...

Btw, too many threads about K701 & amps for this week...
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