Headphone AMP + DAC (for Ultrasone Pro 2500)
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May 31, 2009
Hello All.
I am new to the "Hi-End" or "Hi-Fi" world.
I just bought this system:

Marantz SACD 8003
Marantz PM8003
Ultrasone PRO 2500

and i'll purchase as soon as possible a nice pair of speakers. Actually i am using the this sytem with the Ultrasone PRO 2500. I'd like to buy a DAC and use it with my PC-Desktop through the SPDIF out, using my Ultrasone PRO 2500.
I have read a lot of thread about DACs here but i really need some good advice about it. The main feature of this DAC should be:

- A nice Headphone amp integrated
- I want it to sound at least as good as the chain SACD8003-PM8003-Ultrasone PRO 2500

About the price i am not going to put a limit atm... the least is better, but only if i can stay\improve on my actual chain quality.

thank you in advance
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I was thinking about the Beresford TC-7520.
It will be good compared to the Marantz SA8003 and PM8003 with the same headphone ? or i have to spend more ?
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The Benchmark DAC1 makes a great match with Ultrasones. You'd guess it would be bright, but it's not. The combo is tight & dynamic, directly out of the DAC1's headphone jack.

If I could live without my hi-rez discs, this is what I would still be using. SACD & DVD-A is a curse.
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I bet that it will sound maybe even better than the Marantz SA8003, but it costs even more.
There's nothing that can match that sound for like 500€ ? am i asking for a miracle :p ?

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