Headphone amp connection with a stereo amp?
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Mar 6, 2008
Hi guys.

I've been eyeing on a DAC, which has the minus of having only one output. I'd like to use it with both my speakers and my headphones. How should I handle this? Is connecting the DAC to my stereo amp and then connecting my stereo amp's pre-out to my headphone amp's in OK (giving up the future possibility of using a subwoofer)? I could try a pair of Y-cables (one of each going to stereo amp, the other one to headp. amp), but these aren't really hi-fi type and Y-adapters seem to be hard to find.

Thanks guys!
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Use a tape loop out on your receiver, if it has one. Otherwise, you can use an A/B switchbox. Radio Shack has a decent one for $20. You can make your own if you want, as well.
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Wow, that was fast! I did some research/googling and indeed tape out is just what I need, though it's called "recorder out" here. Thanks uncle!

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