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headphone advise (limited budget)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bnmoxs, May 5, 2013.
  1. bnmoxs
    hi and have good day or night.i have a question.i want to buy headphone in limited budget 50-80 dolar.i usually listen music at tranportation,and classroom etc.my favourite genres as;rock,clasical music,sometimes ethnic.i guess -i need some treble and mid base headphone(maybe dont i dont know).i heard that px 100ii,akg 420 are like this segment.does k420 has better isolation than px 100ii?.also px 200ii is not bad.px 200ii has more isolation.anyway i need help.please dont withold your precious opinions.thank you.[​IMG]
  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    If you're going to be using this during transportation and in a public setting, then what you really want is a closed-back headphone.  This is so that you won't disturb others, and equally important, others won't disturb you.  Since this is the case, I'd forget about the PX 100-II and K420 right away.  The former is open, and the latter is semi-open.
    This leaves the PX 200-II which I've owned previously.  It's a competent headphone, but a little dark sounding.  Since you listen to rock and classical, I think that you'll probably want something with better highs and even a little air.  Given that, and your budget, I'd say that you might want to look at an AKG K518LE.  Amazon has them for as little as $50 right now.
    Couple of questions for you though...  Do you have a big head?  And do looks matter to you?
  3. gamerich
    I second warrenpchi that you'd want a closed-back pair of headphones for travel purposes.
    Are you after full-size or on-ears? Full-sizes are generally more bulky but offer greater isolation and comfort (IMO).
    I also find that (although you may not) the elastic headband design feature on most AKG full-sizes are quite uncomfortable not to mention odd-looking when you have them around your neck so you may want to consider that if you're going for the large AKGs.
  4. warrenpchi Administrator
    Like how the Q701 is "ribbed for our pleasure?"  [​IMG]
  5. bnmoxs
    thank you guys you re right.this portable dont isolate.i dont want other yell to me shut the your music.i should get good isolated iem and full size for video-audio project.and i should get iem first.and i tried k518le.and it annoyed me.too small.its sized for highschool children i think.anyway,thank you for interests and helps
  6. warrenpchi Administrator
    BTW, welcome to Head-Fi... sorry about your wallet.  [​IMG]
  7. bnmoxs
    [​IMG] glad to meet you.

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