Headphone (<$1000) to be used with iBasso DC02 and Samsung Note9
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Sep 24, 2012
Hello everyone,

I am considering to buy a headphone which costs less than $1000 but my problem is I travel a lot and I cannot carry a proper dac/amp due to their size and weight. I mostly use my phone (Samsung Note9) and Spotify for listening to music , also I have iBasso DC02 as a dac/amp.

I am well aware that with this set, I cannot use many decent headphones. I checked Audeze LCD-2, HIFIMAN Ananda, ÆON Flow Closed Back, etc. but could not be sure because many people who have purchased these headphones seem to be using proper dac/amps.

So I wonder, which headphone should I buy? By the way, I mostly listen to rock, jazz and classical.

Thanks in advance

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