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Heading to Japan, China, Singapore - Should I get DAP there or just order online?

  1. Keyboarder
    I'm about to head to Tokyo, Beijing and Singapore on business and have been wondering if there are any great deals there or if I should just order online?

    I've been considering a good portable digital audio player and would consider $500US spend, or if it was a really good value I may stretch up to $700 or so but prefer not to. Built in amp required.

    Having already been to these cities and others in the region before, I know it's good to know what your'e looking for before you go. (Hong Kong Golden Computer Arcade is something everyone should experience once in their lifetime, but if you don't know what your'e after you may find yourself confused, overwhelmed or even overpaying)

    I'm partial to Sony, Pioneer, Toshiba, Okyo, etc. but appreciate many Chinese brands as well (Oppo players, RIP)
    I've been using the Sony UDA-1 on desktop with their matched speakers and absolutely love it.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Prices don't really vary all that much, on top of which, if you buy in Japan or China, chances are the OS runs in kanji/Katakana (maybe Hanggul if you're lucky, but it's not going to be English written in that alphabet).
  3. Keyboarder
    I had considered that and have seen that with some electronics. Most high end items I've seen do have option to change language but that can be hard to find.
    Also, there's the warranty issue with buying international.
  4. pbui44
    If you are heading to Tokyo and want new and used options, check out e-earphone, with various locations and the largest being in the Akihabara area in tokyo. You can also order online and pick-up, with the website being here:


    If you are in Singapore and want only new options, there is Stereo Headphone, Jaben Earphone, and E1 Personal Audio, which have websites here:




    Some Singaporean stores have lots of models to demo, but E-Earphone in Akihabara (the E-Earphone in Shinjuku, Tokyo is smaller) has a ton of stuff for demo, and you can google the Akihabara location for pictures or read this entire thread for pictures and experiences:

  5. pbui44
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  6. Keyboarder
    That is great info and I will be in Akihabara so that's perfect! Thanks!
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    You can get around the language by asking whoever you know in the local area that you're going to meet to come with you when you buy and have them check if the English version of the OS is included, and if it is, take photos of the characters so you know how to get it back to English in case you ever have to do a hard reset or it resets after a firmware update.

    As for the warranty, that's the bigger problem. Unlike cameras where the manufacturers account for pro users (or like Leica, they're basically like Rolex just as they are like Nikon) and have international warranties; ditto Lenovo Thinkpads, Dell Optiplex, Apple Macbook "Pros," etc.
  8. onevstheworld
    Make sure you do your research before going over... Japan and Singapore aren't the electronics meccas they used to be, and it's easy to forget to account for forex fees, taxes, etc (not been to China often enough to comment).

    However, I've noticed Tokyo has a great 2nd hand market for many things. Not sure if it holds true for audio gear; but for cameras, video games, watches and anime/pop culture, a lot of stores have a nice (sometimes rare) selection of 2nd hand gear. Not seen it so much in the very large stores though (e.g. Yodabashi, BIC)
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
  9. pbui44
    Don’t forget to load up on extra Pocky, Kit-Kat, and anything else they offer to you at work. :floatsmile:
  10. Quasimodosbelfry
    Yeah, but there's a lot more stock that they don't post online too.
  11. Quasimodosbelfry
    They will have a local version and a "tourist" version. Obviously the local one will have a Japanese OS.

    And in Japan you save by asking for "tax free". Bring your passport!
  12. Keyboarder
    Well, I went to E-Earphone in Akihabara and was absolutely blown away. I've never seen even 10% of that amount of headphone gear in one place before and it was packed with people. Tons of used gear as well.
    There were so many choices I ended up not getting anything, but saw a lot of models to go research.

    Thanks for the recommendation! I highly recommend this place if any of you are able to go.
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  13. Quasimodosbelfry
    Sounds like my first visit there.
    I had a mental list which went totally unfulfilled. Instead I picked up a lovely used pair of AQ Nighthawk Carbon.
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