Headfi Boston Meetup 11-11-17 Blink HighEnd Cambridge

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  1. lcasadonte
    We will be having a local meetup at Blink HighEnd in Cambridge at 1:30 on saturday 11-11. Blink will be hosting us in their new studio on the 4th floor. Parking may be an issue but I think we are in for a treat. We are currently tracking about 14 people to attend. Please let me know if you can attend, it is a secure building so we will need to have our names with security. Hope to see you there, Lou.
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  2. lcasadonte
    Ok I have 12 confirmed, 3 maybes and 2 I have not heard from. I have not heard from @HollowNoise . Here is the list of equipment in addition to what Blink will demo for us.

    1) gerryS

    · Sennheiser HD800S and 650,

    · MrSpeakers Aeon and

    · Schiit Jotunheim

    2) SilverEars

    3) @spwath

    · HD 650K

    · CA Orion

    · Valhalla 2

    · A&k 120II

    · Sps dac3

    4) @nithhoggr and guest

    · Bimby >

    · Taboo MkIII

    · Pono

    · SDR-modded

    · HD800, my

    · HE-500, and a

    · pair of modded YH-1 orthos that people might find interesting.

    5) @JoshMorr

    · Gumby

    · Sennheiser (580,600,650, 800).

    · Maybe he1000,

    6) @Vansen

    · MD IEMs and the CTH

    · Sony WM1A

    · Shanling M1

    · iPod 5.5g (still good, 11 ohm OI)

    · Fostex HP-P1

    · MD x Noble X

    · MD Plus

    · Sennheiser HD800 (modded)

    · Sennheiser HD6XX

    · HiFiMan HE-500 (modded)

    · HiFiMan HE-6 (modded)

    · MD x Fostex t-x0

    · MD x Cavalli CTH

    · Schiit Vali 1

    · Schiit Vali 2

    · Grace SDAC

    · Schiit Modi MB

    · RSA F-117 Phono Pre

    · Schiit Saga

    · last.fm

    7) @SBAFedu

    · AudioQuest Nighthawks and

    · Grace Design m9XX

    8) @porkfriedpork

    · HD800, HD6XX,

    · ZMF Auteur,

    · Blackwood,

    · Eikon,

    · HE6 (4 & 6 screw)
    Inspire IHA-1,

    · Cayin IHA-6

    · Mimby

    · stock HD650,

    · Vali 2,

    · Bimby,

    · Gumby, and an

    · AKG Q701

    9) Lcasadonte

    · auralic stack with utopia's (vega/altair/taurus mk ii),

    · moon neo 230had + mind 180 streamer with Beyer T5P's and my mobile system

    · Onkyo DP X1 w/FIIO Ex1's first gen. I can bring a mobile hotspot

    · auralic system (altair>vega>taurus) with focal utopia's and my work system simaudio moon neo 230

    10) @JWizzlez

    · HD 660 S ,

    · HD 6xx,

    · Apogee Groove,

    · HeadAmp Pico Slim,

    · Maverick Audio D2 w/ upgrades, and

    · CeEntrance Hifi Skyn iPhone 6S. I also have the

    · Chord Mojo,

    · Shozy Alien gold,

    11) @Rynsin

    · PMx2,

    · Tisbury

    · Audio CA-1,

    · DACmini CX,

    · possibly LFF Paradox Slants

    1) @skem

    2) @hifiandrun Not confirmed but said he would be there

    Jotunheim and a Vali 2

    3) @Hanzo Not confirmed but indicated he would come

    1) @ZoNtO not confirmed Probably not but add to security

    2) @TooPoor not confirmed
    3) @HollowNoise Not Confirmed
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  3. lcasadonte
    I think it would be good if we could bring about 2 tables. Can anyone volunteer?
  4. Hanzo
    Lolz check that @Hanzo - I would love to join in but live in Chicago. Might have meant someone else?

  5. lcasadonte
    Sorry l must've latched on to your id early and didn't let go. You're welcome to join us though!
  6. Hanzo
    Loz. Would love to, but too far to drive. Enjoy!
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  7. lcasadonte
    I wanted to thank everyone who came out. I think we had a great showing and great hosts. It was my first meetup and I was not disappointed. It was great meeting everyone. It was a unique experience getting to try so many different headphones and gear in one place. A few pics that I managed to snap in between using my phone for a controller.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. SilverEars

    Thanks for organizing this event, and also big thanks to the host in letting us use his place for the meet.

    I wish we can do this more often. I love hearing other people's setups as hearing many setups/discoveries by others helps in getting an idea of how various headphones perform under different setups.

    Lots of great headphones, and impressive setups. Thanks for bringing your gears for us to listen to guys!
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