HeadAmp Pico Slim Amp: Pre-Order Requests
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Dec 21, 2009

Originally Posted by justin w. /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Please use this thread to make pre-ordering requests for the Pico Slim Portable Amp.

For the past several months, a long thread about the upcoming Pico Slim was open. You can read that thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f38/he...lifier-424448/



Here is the deal for the pre-orders:

- Black or silver enclosures
- There is no limit to the # of Pico Slims that will be available at pre-order price, however the first production run is 250 Pico Slims, so if the # ordered happens to exceed that, you may have to wait until more can be built.
- This will include the Pico Slim amp, DC Adapter, and custom leather case.
- The DC Adapter has interchangeable mains plugs. We'll have plugs for North America/Japan, UK, Europe, Australia, China, and Korea. You get 1 plug most suited for your region, extra plugs are $5 each.
- 3 foot Amphenol Micro-USB cables are available for $10 for USB charging. Remember these are NOT the Mini-B cables that you probably already have. The Micro-USB is a newer, much better connector that is the standard now & in the future.

The pre-order special:

- The pre-order pricing will be $349 with a regular price of $399 after that, plus shipping costs.
- To sweeten the deal even more, the first production run of 250x Pico Slims will be unlike the rest. They will have a lifetime warranty AND lifetime free batteries. I don't think anyone has ever made that offer. This special status will also be permanently laser engraved on each of the first 250 Pico Slims.
- After the first production run of 250 the standard 3 year warranty will apply, and you'll still get the pre-order special price, but there may be a wait until more can be built.

How to make a pre-order request:

- Post here asking to be added to the list. Include the following information:
* Color (black or silver)
* Your country
* Optional Micro-B cable for charging (+$10)
- Please make sure your ability to receive Private Messages is enabled and you are receiving EMail notifications of a new PM. I will send a PM when payment is needed.

No payment is needed until the Pico Slims are ready to ship. I expect that will be sometime in January. I'll post updates as I have them.

Color: Siliver
Country: Japan
One Micro-USB cable

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Aug 5, 2001
Please add me to the list of the 1st 250 in black with the micro cable.

- Post here asking to be added to the list. Include the following information:
* Color: black
* Country: USA
* (1) Micro-B cable for charging (+$10)

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