HeadAmp GSX-MKII vs. SPL Phonitor 2 + HD 800S
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Nov 15, 2016
Hello Audiophiles! 

After spending ridiculous amounts of time researching best amps for HD800S, I narrowed it down to these two: 1. HeadAmp GSX-MKII      2. SPL Phonitor 2      

I have read here on the forum that GSX-MKII is a great SS amp and its lightning quick and can also easily drive the HD800S. I searched around in the HeadAmp website and resulted in my conclusion being that they may not be a serious company for me to count on when it comes to product support and customer service. 

I have also read a lot of good things on other forums about the SPL Phonitor 2 that it looks great and has many great features. especially its cross-feed feature can come in handy. in my opinion, SPL is a much more reputable company that HeadAmp, and I expect the overall customer service to be smoother than the other one. 

So guys and girls, I desperately need you to state your opinion and share your experiences about the stated amps and its overall compatibility with HD800S. More importantly, why should I choose one over the other. This is my biggest investment in my studio, and I need to get it right. 

P.s. I am a house/progressive house producer/sound engineer, I will be using HD800S for mixing and mastering

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