headamp for GS1000 , owners help?
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Jan 7, 2008
Can owners of Grado GS1000 recommend me a good headphone amp for my upcoming GS1000?
for me, tube or SS amp doesn't matter.
Most of my music will be pop and rock asian music (Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
Can you also tell how the amp improve the sound of GS1000?
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Berkeley, CA, eh? You're in a prime spot to audition a lot of local amps that could be potential winners for the GS1000, lots of Head-Fiers in the area. Check out the Meets forum.

I've heard only two amps that I think are worth checking out for the GS1000 - one directly with the GS1000, and one not (but this is an educated guess regardless). Both Singlepower amps - Square Wave (solid-state) and Extreme (tube). I didn't get to hear the Extreme directly with it, but with the right tubes you can get a good sonic result. And the Square Wave easily pushed enough mid-range to fight against the GS1000's recessed mid-range and took the edge off its sibilance.
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Originally Posted by waddragon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
price can be around 13k or below
I will try to search and read about the singlepower

Is this meant to be 1.3k or below??

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Zana Deux - Can be a good match with the right tubes and right source. (Very important)
Grace 901 (or current m902) - Very good match out of the box, lots of current to drive it, though the ZD (again w/ the right tubes) is more engaging.
Little Dot MkIII - Very affordable, and great out of the box. Not as refined and fast as the ZD, but very enjoyable, you'll forget that it's only $300.

If I were to choose one amp for the GS-1000, it would probably be the Grace 901. The *very* close second would be the ZD. It's just that with the ZD, you'll need to play with it a bit more and matching with other components to get the right flavour out of the GS-1K (which can be a good thing); in this case I give the edge to the 901 as it works great right out of the box.

The LD is good if you're on a tight budget or just want to have fun. It's very enjoyable and fun to listen to, but it's the kind of amp that makes you thinking about more and better; as there certainly is better.
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As mentioned the GS1000s midrange needs to be compensated a bit. The Extreme and Zana Deux both does quite well, but specifically for the GS1Ks (and only them as it's less all-arounder than the other amps and certainly not in their class) I'd as often recommend the WA6 (with 5U4x). Something about both of their quirkiness works together. Be advised my taste in music is quite a bit different though and the Woo may be a bit warm for you.
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this is my first post, so hi everybody
i have a gs1000 wich i drive with a little dot2. it's sounds good but i feel that's not enough, there's something more to do, especially about medium. for a 700-800 dollars max budget, it seems that WA6, rudistor nx-02 systema and the headroom millet desktop hybrid are brilliant, but what is the best choice ?
with that can, i love classical and ambient musics.

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