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Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by audiosceptic, Aug 13, 2009.
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  1. Sko0byDoo
    Nice setup you have there!

    I had a chance to listen to an Accuphase CD player at a local CanJam once. Beautiful sounds. Was lusting for one but it seems like pretty hard to get hold of here at state-side.
  2. fredx
  3. harris4crna
    Yeah, they can be difficult to find for a reasonable price. I always look on Audio Union for the actual price in Japan. This is closer to what they are actually worth. Anywhere else is a rip off. I got my accuphase gear while I lived in Japan.

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  4. tumpux
    So are they 100v units?
  5. harris4crna
    Originally, but I had Accuphase change the voltage to 120v prior to my return to USA.
  6. townes
    I have a question - maybe a silly one - with regard to the connection of my DAC to the BHSE:
    • I must use the unbalanced RCA outputs of my DAC
    • I have a Cardas Clear interconnect with XLR on both ends.
    • At the DAC side, i will use Cardas Adapters: CGA RCA to XLR (male RCA and male XLR)
    I am unsure, what I should do at the BHSE side. Should I directly connect the Cardas Clear to BHSE XLR input? Or is it better to use a second pair of Cardas Adapers (female XLR and male RCA) and then use the RCA inputs of the BHSE?
  7. Sko0byDoo
    What you do is perfectly fine. One only side effect is the volume will be a tag lower on the rca (xlr got +/- signals). Just crank up the bhse volume.
  8. townes
    Many thanks, Sko0byDoo. So your advise is, that also on BHSE side, I should use XLR to RCA adapters and then the RCA input of the BHSE. Correct?
  9. Sko0byDoo
    Rca or xlr doesn't matter at bhse side. Your signal is in single already, just use xlr for it. Overkill, but save $$ on xlr to rca adapter.
    townes likes this.
  10. townes
    Now I got it - thanks very much!
  11. harris4crna
    Which format you typically listen to through the BHSE?

    I cannot get enough of the vinyl. Sounds great.
    bfreedma likes this.
  12. tumpux
    Any format out there, records, cd, cassette, I even connect it directly to a chromecast audio because why not..
    harris4crna likes this.
  13. harris4crna
    Curious of those who own BHSE, how long have you had it and how long do intend to own?

    Many folks in the headphone community move from one rig, one headphone to the next. I just cannot imagine I would ever get rid of it.
  14. QueueCumber
    No idea. No reason to sell any of my headphone equipment right now. It’s all end game for me. Only upgrades upcoming for me would be newer flagship headphones if anything mindblowing comes out that doesn’t require new equipment because of ridiculous power requirements.
  15. Rushton
    I've had my BHSE for 9 months and can't foresee any time that I would change away from it. The sound quality is superb with my SR-009S 'phones, the build quality is exceptionally good, and it is meeting all of my expectations. I recently upgraded power cords, power conditioning and interconnects and the BHSE simply sounded better and better with each addition. And, I'm still running the stock Russian Mullard tubes that Justin provides. So, lots of opportunity for the sound quality to continue improving.
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