Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by audiosceptic, Aug 13, 2009.
  1. nepherte
    Is it wrong to have 3 BHSEs? The new colors Champagne and Turqoise color would go wonderful with my blue BHSE :upside_down:
  2. wrathofkhan
    All you need now is 3 SR 009s
  3. JimL11
    Nah! An original Omega and an 007 Mk 2.9 with port mod.
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  4. nepherte
    I do have a SR009 but it hardly gets any play time. Really don't need three of them. I have to side with JimL11 on this one. Gotta love my modded 007A.
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  5. Phil95
    We have two kinds of Chartreuse: yellow and green. Yellow looks like urine, green looks like vomit.
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  6. Phil95
    Really happy to know that HeadAmp is going from strengh to strengh. Does this mean that the BHSE series will continue to be produced? And what about the even better successor?
  7. oktapod
    Has anyone bought a BHSE in the UK? How much VAT was added (if any) and/or import duty? Not that I'm in the game for a BHSE but I'm curious nonetheless. Would love to hear one, but I doubt there's anyone near me (Edinburgh) with one :/
  8. oktapod
    More to the point, would I get a bigger improvement in going from 006T to BHSE with my L700s OR sticking (for now) with the 006T and going for 009s? It'd be great if there were a UK distributor for the BHSE.......
  9. headinclouds
    A nice unusual colour, back in 2014 I made a tiny KGSShv "Cube" in Gold bead-blasted and anodised. I only made one and would have liked to try a few other shades of gold. DSCF0827.JPG
  10. wink
    Welcome back. Got your head out of the clouds, I see.....:ksc75smile:
    btw, love the look of your builds.....:L3000:
  11. headinclouds
    Thanks Wink
    That build was going for the smallest deskspace, I was not particularly into aesthetics then.

    Apologies for trespassing on the BHSE thread
  12. Sabenza
    I am now a proud owner of a BHSE (blue color - Serial #309) / Stax 009 Combo.

    I received the brand new BHSE unit from Justin on 19th December (and the STX009 on the same day) and started the burn-in process for some 4-6 hours every day. I spent a week's holiday (20th - 26th December) in Niseko, Japan so I had up to date a total of some 23 days x average of 5 hours of burn-in (around 115 hours). For the first 20 days of burn-in, the combo did not impress me at all, in comparison to my Utopia straight out of Chord Dave or my Abyss 1266 phi/LCD-4 out of an Audio-gd Master 9. I even changed the tubes on Day 12 (Valvo XF4 made in Holland double-D getter) in the hope that the sound will improve, but it was still lacking in energy (everything seems to be recessed) with strange tonal balance (lacking in bass as well) and generally harsh.

    I was seriously thinking that it was a mistake to try out electrostatics. This was all the more the case when I was invited to listen to a STAX T8000/009 combo on Day 20, which again failed to impress me (the T8000 unit only had around 40 hours in it - probably has not fully burned-in). I was kicking myself that I had definitely made a gross error to get myself involve in electrostatics.

    Then, everything changed on Day 21, it's like the sky has opened up, and it is really difficult for me to explain the sound in words as it's now perfect. The tonal balance is now very natural with sufficient and quality bass and very detailed imaging (every note seems to have their appropriate attack), vocals have just the right weight. I was finally able to understand what everyone is praising with regards to BHSE/009 (in my country, there is no demo available and I am used to purchase everything blind).

    Suffice to say, I am extremely satisfied with my BHSE/009 Combo :):):), and I am glad I made the purchase.
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  13. paradoxper
    You've earned your trespass.
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  14. joseph69
    Congratulations on your BHSE/009. Being you also own the Utopia/DAVE, sometime after you get well acquainted with the BHSE/009 I wouldn't mind hearing your impression between both. Enjoy!
  15. DSNORD
    New BHSE/SR-009 owner here. This email I sent to Justin says it all:



    I can't even begin to express how much your BSHE and SR-009 totally blow me away. This rig has sounded spectacular from the second I fired it up, and it just keeps getting better the more hours its got under its belt. Its been on 24/7 for the last 4 days playing pink noise at 80dB when I'm not sitting here with my jaw on the floor in pure heaven.

    My home office setup has featured a Schiit Yggdrasil/Ragnarock balanced combo being fed AIFF from a Mac Mini/Synology NAS via Audirvana via AOIP via Atterotech unDAES-O AES rig. The Rag outputs to HD800s and LCD-X phones or to KEF LS50/JL Audio e110 sub combos. My reading room system has a Schiit Gumby/Jotenheim balanced feed for the cans when I'm in there.

    Both of theses cans sound superb, but I give the edge to the Senns as to which I would have on the desert island with me. Well, both of them now take a MAJOR backseat to the BHSE/Stax. THIS is my new reference system. I keep firing up one album after another, floor struck as to how I'm hearing stuff I never heard before, even on albums I've played hundreds of times over the years. I don't want to go to work anymore, I just want to sit hear drooling all over my keyboard!

    Your work is pristine. The build quality as good as anything I've seen, even compared to fine furniture. I'm absolutely proud to display your artistry on my desktop!!!

    I can't see spending a single penny on tube rolling since I can't see any "flaws" to try to remedy. The system hits paydirt in every characteristic that is important to me: wide, crystal clear sound staging; deep, clean bass; crisp highs; and absolutely articulate voices. There is just NOTHING to improve upon. This bad boy is every bit as good as everyone says it is. It was TOTALLY worth the 10 week wait.

    So kudos to you for such a terrific product, and kudos to KG for the original design upon which you have worked magic. Well done, sirs, well done!!!!!!

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