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Head-Fi UK Meet: 02/04/2011 - London

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  1. Marcus_C
    It sounds good, thanks to everyone who's been making this happen, will be great!!!
  2. Severanth
    Big thanks to Ampcity and organisers much appreciated. Looking forward to it.  [​IMG]
    Will be driving in from Sevenoaks, Kent if anyone wants to car share. PM me.
  3. vkvedam
    Outstanding! Many thanks to the sponsors and organisers.
  4. BlutoSlice
    Great news I'll be there
  5. TomForshaw
    Fantastic news!
  6. Type35
    Thanks a bunch for organizing this event.
    I can't wait!
  7. Ra97oR
    How could I have missed this.
    Gonna bring:
    Audio Technica ATH-AD1000PRM
    Audio Technica ATH-WS70
    Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 (Crystalline pure silver cable + Sony Hybrids)
    iBasso D2+ Boa
    Terminator "Clarity" <- Depends
    Chord Company Crimson Plus RCA interconnect
    DIY silver LOD
  8. Duggeh
    I've just logged into Head-Fi again for a chance to see if anything like this might have popped up. I haven't read the detail yet but I had to reply.
    Consider me nominally in. Can't have this sort of event go by without someone of the forum oldies turning up.
    I hope some of the fine chaps who were at the previous Manchester November meets (or the prior, seriously old school forum) decide to take the time to come.
    If I'm there, I'll be there with all that I can put together. Stax, reel to reel tape, vinyl and all.
    Any good microbreweries or ale houses nearby?
  9. Sceptre
    A relative of mine has chosen the April 2nd for their 80th birthday party.  The good news is that it should be over by 14:00.
    I should arrive sometime after 15:30 so will bring my portable sources.  I'll re-list that equipment on this thread shortly.
    Will be good to share a pint soon Duggeh.
  10. Germs
    I don't know what your oldies things are, but they look interesting!
    What Stax do you have ?
    I currently have the SRS-2050 II system (SR-202 earspeaker and SRM-252II amp) but I don't know if I will still have them at the meet, as I have a Hifiman HE-6 now.
  11. vkvedam
    Hey Duggeh
    Nice to see you around again. Wouldn't mind having an ale afterwards. See you there, hopefully.
  12. jr41
    It would be great to hear some Stax!
    I'm hoping to organise a social event after the meet (and maybe the night before if there's sufficient interest). Something along the lines of a meal in a local restaurant followed by drinks in a nearby pub/bar. I'll ask for people to indicate their interest when confirming their attendance at the meet so I know how big a table to book, etc.
  13. Fing
    Well - this is literally on my doorstep - I can't not turn up to this, so if there's room, please count me in.
  14. Parafeed
    I'd like to come too, although I can't confirm until next week.
  15. zenpunk

    Cool! After-party, drinks and pizzas at Fing's place :D
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