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Head-FI Opinion: Sennheiser

  1. Notanaudiophile85
    I own a pair of the 630vb and I find them to be really enjoyable. I can’t say I’ve ever seen the 630vb discussed or described anywhere except for when I search for them specifically, but even then the content is minimal. I’ve never met another person that’s owned a pair. I haven’t seen anyone mention them in any threads. The reviews I’ve read have been favorable, but they were written at the time they were released. I’ve had mine listed for awhile and there doesn’t seem to be any interest. I’m curious to hear what a bunch of experts think about them.

    What do you think of the Sennheiser hd 630VBs? What makes them bad, good, unacknowledged, etc.? Why aren’t they more popular?
  2. WildStyle-R11
    Never heard of them before, but quick google search would tell me. Expensive cabled headphone for use on the go? I'd say plenty of better wireless options? If not that, then plenty of people would use regular 600 series with a portable amp as a preferred choice and almost cheaper at this price.
  3. Notanaudiophile85
    If I knew what I know now, i think I would have purchased the 650s. I didn’t realized the 600 series was that well regarded. I wanted something that had the sound of a nicer pair of headphones but also emphasized the bass. They are almost exactly what I was looking for. They are pretty large for “on the go” though. I may hold onto them if I can’t get an offer over 150. I just don’t have time to use this set of headphones. I planned to listen at work but the role changed. You’re exactly right though. Not too many people would choose the 630vb over the 650s.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    They kinda look like Beats and people here are more into the HD600 and HD650 than...well...Beats.

    Even if they need something portable the more likely candidate is an IEM given the isolation level and compact size. For the rest of the mainstream market it's going to be wireless ANC headphones.
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  5. megabigeye
    My guess is that they're unpopular because they're *drumroll* unpopular.
    They're not carried at Best Buy, B&H Photo, or Apple. They're not "audiophile" because of the adjustable bass, hard-wired cable, built-in microphone. They're not popular for portable because they're not carried at any brick-&-mortar stores, they're big, they're wired, they're gawky looking, they're not noise-cancelling.

    You haven't been able to sell them because it's only been a few days, you've only got twenty-odd posts, you have zero trader feedback, the HD 630VB are only $45-$65 more on Amazon.
  6. GREQ
    What a load of nonsense.
    They look more like the Sennheiser HDI234.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  7. SonyFan121
    From what i've read about the HD630VB there seems to be no reason not to buy them if they are good at what they do. The biggest reason for their unpopularity is probably because nobody associates Sennheiser with closed-back headphones. Sennheiser was the creator/inventor of the open-back headphone, even most non-audiophiles/average consumers who know nothing wouldn't associate high-end closed-back headphones with Sennheiser. They are more likely to be looking at Beyerdynamic or Sony. So the HD630VB has unfortunately been overlooked.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    1. "Kinda." Keyword.

    2. I was also talking about how they were received in the forum and you can't get halfway down the first page before somebody already brought up "Beats." That goes on for a few more pages.
  9. GREQ
    I guess people just see what they want to see.
  10. Notanaudiophile85
    You sound interested. They’re still available.

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