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Head-Fi now has a very cool mobile site!

  1. IPodPJ
    Log onto Head-Fi with your iPhone. It's a well thought out interface. Very nice work, Jude! And being able to upload a photo you just shot with your phone is terrific. I'm sure this took quite some time to develop but it will be well worth it for the users.
    Destroysall and fuzzyash like this.
  2. Beolab

    Can't reach the new mobile site at all? When should it be released or start working??
  3. NaiveSound
  4. Beolab
    Yes, i cant type from my phone any longer, without huge errors and hiccups , very unstable, and i hit mobile site but i only get the PC / Mac desktop version!:/

    Hoped that Jude would have comment on this publicly when it is scheduled to be fixed, but i haven't seen anything ?
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017
  5. wink
    Necro-bump city
  6. Beolab
    A173A132-5B75-498C-AA20-93DFF7A8EF98.png Bumpelibump!

    The site is still unusable from a mobile device, i cant even see what i am writing!
  7. wink
    Wast of time and effort, eh?
  8. wink
    Is this mobile site still running...?
  9. wink
  10. wink
    upload_2017-10-17_17-33-39.gif ...
  11. Adam Smart
    On it now, it’s working beautifully

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