Head-Fi newbie asking about the Grado SR225is
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Jan 25, 2009
I had them for 2 years ish... No problems to report so far... Either way if something does go wrong, Grado got yo back! Awesome customer service. Like others mentioned, the cable can be a hassle, depending on the person usually. I prefer to just sit at my desk and listen to them, but if you're moving around in the house, the cable is thick and heavy; heavier than the headphone itself I think! For comfort, I just deal with the irritation my ear gets after 30-40 mins of use from contact with the plastic mesh. I THINK the reverse bowl mod helps a bit with comfort and IMO improves SQ even further; as Tyll from innerfidelity measured. They are spectacular cans, but Grados are very user picky. Either you absolutely love them, or you despise of them. I love the SR225i, I don't like the SR325is. I'm even going to trade my SR225i in for the RS1i eventually. Grado love!

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