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Head-Fi newbie asking about the Grado SR225is

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fatherofnations, Nov 22, 2012.
  1. FatherOfNations
    I've been searching head-fi for a few days hunting for the perfect set of cans for some rock (Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Seether, Chevelle, Shinedown, etc.). Unless I'm just a complete idiot., I've realized that the Grado SR225is are the obvious choice. However, I have two questions. First, had anyone had them for 1.5+ years? How have they held up? I've heard some stories of one of the sides going out after a few months. Also, what do the all-knowing members of Head-Fi recommend I use as an adapter between the 1/4 in and 3.5 mm jack on my phone? Links to Amazon or other retailers appreciated.
    TL;DR I'm getting some Grado SR225is and I was wondering how long they've lasted for you. Also which adapter are you using to hook them up to a 3.5mm jack?
  2. obobskivich
    Are you using these mobile? (You mentioned a phone). If so - they are not the headphone for you, period.

    Otherwise, they're a good choice. They will hold up great if you aren't abusive. There's plenty of inexpensive adapters, or you can buy the nice one that Grado makes for them.
  3. FatherOfNations
    I was just planning on using them around the house. I have a Galaxy S3 that I use to play music through. When I go mobile I have a pair of IEMs that I use.
  4. GREQ
    For the home they're the perfect choice for rock. You should get an adapter that separates the male plug and female socket with a cable - this will reduce stress on the phone and your headphone cable. 
    Some years ago I had an SR60i and treated it VERY roughly for about a year and the cable started to split at the Y-connection - if you use it at home you'll be able to care for it well. I'm actually surprised the cable lasted as long as it did with my old headphone habits. (now I pamper all my headphones). The cable (as with ANY brand of headphone) will only last as long as you let it.  
    Also I'm pretty sure the SR225i has the same thicker cable as the RS1, RS2 - this is one of the thickest cables of ANY headphone around - this makes it extremely durable, but unfortunately it's quite bulky and might be difficult and awkward to carry about the house. Just a thought. 
  5. obobskivich

    +1. It will be fine around the house. I'd suggest the Grado 1/4" adapter.

    On the cable - I don't know if the SR-225i has the new cable like the RS-1i does, but based on the RS-1i, while it is thicker, it's also shorter - so it isn't really unmanageable (it also is fairly soft/flexible, it isn't like rebar). I don't think it'll be a problem unless you want to shove the entire thing in your pocket. :xf_eek:
  6. streetdragon
    sorry to go off topic but just wondering is the MS-1i cable as thick as the SR225i and RS-1i?
  7. obobskivich
    Is the cable almost as thick as a 1/4" jack plug?
  8. GREQ
    My RS2i's cable is about the same thickness as the 1/4" plug on the end. (the metal part, not the larger surrounding grip part)
    SR60i cable is about 2mm thinner. 
    Now the question, which cable does the 225i have?
  9. FatherOfNations
    Well this thread got off topic very quickly. Anyone out there have the answer to my question about durability and longevity of the cans?
  10. GREQ
    As we're discussing the thickness of Grado cables while trying to discern exactly which of the two cable sizes the 225i has, I'd say we're still very much on topic. Please be more patient. 

    Most people have owned their Grados for over 10 years without problems - they are not cheap consumer grade throw-away headphones. Others never encounter issues as they constant modify their set. Longevity is ultimately up to you whether you treat them well or not. 
  11. obobskivich

    That's the "thick" cable like the RS-1i.

    From the Grado website, they list it as 8-conductor, which should be the same as the RS series. Should. :xf_eek:

    +1. They are high end headphones, and they will fall apart like high end headphones if you abuse them. But if you treat them with respect, they'll last for a very long time. The pads wear out faster than other brands, but are much cheaper (and easier) to replace; so that's a good thing (you should replace earpads periodically for hygiene reasons anyways - by periodically I mean like every year or two, depending on use).
  12. streetdragon
    yeah about 1.0-1.5mm thinner than the 1/4 plug. its waaaay thicker than the HD558 cable. so assume its the same cable as the SR225i then

    as for durability they won't break under normal use for a long time unlike cheap consumer products, but they may not be that much tougher than consumer products when it comes to impact collision or bashing
  13. FatherOfNations
    I've already decided to mod them using Senn. HD414 pads (although if anyone has tips on how to properly quarter mod them that would be appreciated.) Do you guys have any better comfort ideas?
  14. obobskivich
    I think the bowls are comfortable as-is; putting comfies or similar on them kills the top-end.
  15. FatherOfNations
    Really? I hadn't hear that. Thanks for saving me the time of dealing with that.

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