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Head-Fi Meet Vienna Austria Oct. 7th, 2017

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  1. plakat
    It took us quite some time after our last meet, but with the help of @ampair we once again reserved the beautiful room at Technical University Vienna.

    I think we'll start around the usual time (i.e. 1pm/2pm) and last for how long people are still standing. The usual rules apply: bring some gear (if you want), bring your favorite drink (Whisky and Schnaps proved especially welcome) and bring your music. Basic drinks like beer and some anti-alcoholic beverages are provided by Fachschaft Elektrotechnik at moderate prices, so you don't *have* to carry anything.

    There is a nice hotel near our venue, so if you're coming from far away you can stay overnight. When planning your visit please keep in mind that there will be drinks and there will be people talking to each other, i.e. its not dead quiet (and thats on purpose). Please don't expect the surroundings of a private listening session, we see this more as a social event with the possibility of getting some on-ear experience sprinkled in, not the other way round.

    Looking forward to see the usual suspects @Nomax @KarlStromberg @Kornasteniker @HirschiAUT @xxx1313 @RAFA @FritzS and of course Edgar Kaksis, who cannot be referenced with @ anymore since the forum upgrade (due to the space in the username I guess...). Plus the many more whose nick I don't know by heart.

    Should anyone have used Meetup.com to track our meets, please note that the meetup will be deleted due to changes to their terms&conditions (and the general unresponsiveness of those registered for the meetup, which makes the effort somewhat futile anyway).

    A much better way is to track the topic Austria Head-Fi Lounge here at head-fi
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  2. KarlStromberg
    Thanks plakat, looking forward to it!

    Hopefully I will arrive in time, since I booked my flight with Air Berlin :wink:

    If I make it in time, I will visit the whisky store first as usual. Anyone who wants to join me is very welcome.
  3. plakat
  4. FritzS
    I come - I've noted it in my calendar.
  5. bharat2580
    Finally done with my masters exam and working in Salzburg, , I really hope i am there this time
  6. pcyco
    i hope i can come. the date is marked. :wink:
  7. xxx1313
    Looking forward to it! Thanks to all who help to organize this meet.

    Bernie :beerchug:
  8. RAFA
    I am looking forward to it :)
  9. Graenzgaenger
    I'll join you guys in the evening (around 7-8pm) and bring along some Whiskey (and maybe more)...so please don't get drunk too early :wink:
  10. plakat
    We'll try not to get too drunk too early :wink:
  11. noplsestar
    I hope to be able to join you, too!

  12. HirschiAUT
    I really look forward to the meet, as always :-D

    One question, as always, when does it start?
  13. FritzS
    How many people want to coming now?

    Please post the meeting address once more.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  14. plakat
    A very good question... I have not counted so far, but many people are coming from outside head-fi

    The address:
    TU Vienna "Neues Institut für Elektrotechnik"
    Gusshausstrasse 27-29
    1040 Vienna

    There will be signs leading to our room at the topmost floor.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
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