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Head-Fi Houston Fall Meet: Saturday - October 20th, 2018 @ Looscan Library

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  1. verycoolalan
    Event: Head-Fi Houston Fall Weekend Meet
    Where: Houston Public Library - Looscan Branch
    Address: 2510 Willowick Rd; Houston, TX 77027
    When: Saturday, October 20th, 2018 from 1 pm (meet begins at 1pm after setup)-4 pm (power-down/unhooking and cleanup starts at around 3:30 pm)
    Cost: $10 for non-members or $5 for new members. For new or regular members bringing family and friends, but you PM me for your info and who else is coming with you. If you do not PM me your info, you will not get the free admission or discount. Those bringing equipment will be expected to pitch in a small amount of money ($2 or so) for future events.
    Questions regarding attendance or anything else: Feel free to personal message me (verycoolalan) to attend or any questions you may have. You will have until Thursday, October 18th, 2018 @ 11:59 pm CST to PM me with your full name, member name, phone number, e-mail address, what equipment you will bring, and whoever you intend to bring with you. Also, a table spot for your equipment assigned near this deadline may not guaranteed.

    Since the room is not very large, there will be a maximum of those bringing table-top equipment to 10 people to ensure table space for the rest of the day. There is guest library wi-fi, though it may slow down with a lot of people on it, so you are highly encouraged to bring media. Media includes, but is not limited to, laptop, tablet, phone, USB drives, memory cards with their USB readers, vinyl and their vinyl player, CDs, and SACDs and their disc players. If you are bringing table-top equipment, you are limited to one source space taking up to one 20" laptop, 3 full-sized headphones, 2 full-sized amplifiers, and 1 full sized digital-to-analog converter with amplifiers and DAC stacked on top of one another. Anything smaller than full-sized to be your own personal responsibility to carry, store, and allow for demonstration.

    There will be a maximum of 40 people in the meeting room, so you can bring family or friends, though it will be limited to this point, as the room is not that large and the general public will show up. Please PM about this as well, as I need to keep the total head count. I noticed that the meeting room has only five wall outlets with 2 plugs on each one, so remember to bring power extension cords and power strips. See posts 2 and 3 below for more information on other things.

    Rules and Regulations for the event:

    1.) As you arrive, you will be required to meet someone about being at the event. You will be given an armband with a color generally designating who you are and this armband will be good until the end of the meet.

    2.) Your entire head must be clean and without any skin products, like makeup, or hair styling products in it, like gel, hair spray, or hair wax. If anything, I highly suggest washing your hair, face, and ears within 12 hours before the event. Medication can be an exception, but you must notify me of this immediately, as people may be potentially allergic to something. Or just wear hat!

    3.) Since this meeting room has a limited capacity, every attendee must have their colored armband at all times. If you see anyone without an, you must greet them and ask why they are there. If they are there for the event, direct them to me immediately and I will clear it up. We are a community, and we must welcome others by talking to them and addressing their needs, even if they might possibly not be allowed into the meeting room from space constraints.

    4.) All bottled drinks must have their cap screwed on tight during all times when not in use. Cups are not allowed. If you spill or drop something, you must clean it up immediately.

    5.) If you must eat any kind of food or take any medications, it must be consumed within seven feet of the serving area, between the doors. If you spill or drop sometihng, you must clean it up immediately.

    6.) Please throw away all trash when you are ready to throw it away.

    7.) There is no running or jogging inside the library, even during times of emergency. Be considerate of others.

    8.) Whenever you leave the meeting room, please close the door before leaving, as the noise from the event may be audible to the rest of the library.

    9.) If you want to change a software/hardware setting or detach/unplug something on any piece of audio equipment please ask the equipment owner to do so. If the equipment owner detaches or unplugs something, they must turn off the attached piece of equipment and leave it off for at least ten seconds (count one Mississippi, two, Mississippi...etc, if you have to) before detaching or unplugging something. This does not include any software or hardware volume settings, but only the volume settings are not included to this rule.

    10.) If you are bringing equipment, you must bring a power strip and at least a 10' power extension cord, as the number of wall outlets is limited.

    11.) You are not allowed to make excessive noise anywhere in the building, as there are library patrons, library staff, and library security around the building and event attendees auditioning audio equipment.

    12.) Do not disturb other event attendees, library patrons, library staff, and library security. If you do, you may be subjected to local, state, and/or Federal jurisdiction at that point, as the library is City of Houston property.

    Sorry, for these rules and regulations, as the event, building, and area requires all of this and everyone in attendance of the meet will all be subject to these rules and regulations. This event will go on for about 3.5 hours, hence everything above. Anything noted above can and will be subject to change and other information can be added at any time, so keep checking the first three posts of this thread. PM me for attendance or questions. Of course, you can post on this thread as well.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
  2. verycoolalan
    About the event and surrounding areas:

    The library parking lot is known to get full and one of the library staff said that people will get towed parking at any business or shopping center for library patrons, so our overflow parking will be on a residential street across from the library called "Wickersham Lane". If the parking on Wickersham Lane gets too deep, there is another residential street called "Overbrook Lane".

    Here is a picture of the Weslayan/Willowick and Westheimer intersection:


    Here is the picture of residential street Wickersham Lane and the median where you would U-Turn to get to the library:

    Both pictures were taken right next to the library entrance, so look them over before leaving for the meet. The street is not that busy, but there are a lot of people coming to the library, as the area itself is busy. If anyone has a dolly or some caddy to move your gear, bring it! [​IMG]

    If you want to do some sight-seeing before or after the event, there are plenty of stores and restaurants around within walking distance, along with an Edward's Movie Theater literally down the street from the library. The main shopping center website is here: http://www.shophighlandvillage.com/

    There are plenty of hotels around the library, though their price ranges and room/facility qualities vary greatly, so do some thorough shopping for good prices.

    Here is one good website for hotel prices: http://www.trivago.com/
    Here is one good website for hotel, flight, car rental, events, and more: https://www.kayak.com/
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
  3. verycoolalan

    A) Furman M-8X AR power conditioner/voltage regulator
    B) Blu-ray player (for Blu-ray, DVD-Audio, SACD, and CD media)
    C) TASCAM MH-8 headphone amp
    D) RME ADI-2 DAC
    E) NAD C275BEE Stereo Amp
    F) Mjolnir Audio SRD-7 electrostatic transformer
    G) modded STAX SR-L300 Limited 80th Anniversary (L700 pads and headband arc)
    H) laptop for digital media via USB
    I) 22" monitor for Blu-ray player


    MacBook Air, Yggy A2, Gounded Grid and SR-L700 (all DACs and amps will be stacked)


    RME ADI-2 DAC, Laptop w/ Foobar, miniDSP EARS


    Fiio DIY E12, Ibasso PB2 w/Burson V5i, Hifiman 400i, SZ2000, JVC Fiio K5 Fiio Q5


    Focal Spirit S, AQ Dragonfly Red


    1 DAP (AK Kann) and 1 Headphone (Focal Clear)


    Black Swan preamp, Black AMP, Audeze


    LCD2C, LCD2C Closed, LCD-4Z Hugo2 and Chord Hugo Mscalar, couple of laptops and Mobius.


    Macbook Pro > Singxer SU-1 > MSB Platinum 3 > KGSSHV > Stax 007 mk2


    Focal Clears and Jotunheim
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
  4. snellemin
    Cool man. I'll probably, most likely, positive, confidant, absopositutly, try to make it. If I do make it, I want to bring in a 34" monitor to go along with the Mobius headphone. If anything, I can bring my own table.
  5. verycoolalan
    Awesome man haven't seen you in a couple years . Just let me know!
  6. VRacer-111
    I definitely plan to be there. PM'd you my info.
  7. verycoolalan
    You taking pictures again?
  8. VRacer-111
    Yes, I'm bringing my camera as well.
  9. Wes S
    Cool! I have been wanting to find a meet in Texas.
  10. oneguy
    PM’ed you the info.
  11. Wes S
  12. verycoolalan
    LMAO where have you been bro, we've had 2 meets in a row now.
  13. JamesBer
    Well that's one way to put it but not everyone is going to think like that.
    pbui44 and verycoolalan like this.
  14. pbui44
    @JamesBer? More like JamesBurn! :floatsmile:
  15. pbui44
    Since HPL - Looscan Library is no longer allowing food or drink in the conference room...


    ...snacks and water are ready for the meet!
    snellemin likes this.
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