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Headphoneus Supremus
Jul 9, 2004
A lazy Saturday afternoon post...

I've just spent a very happy few hours listening to some of my favourite jazz tracks through my first-ever headphone system: vintage Panasonic CDP, HD-580s and my venerable Perreaux SXH1, and I was wondering which of your combos you return to for the musical equivalent of "comfort food" -- phones you put on or amps you crank up when you want to relax into the music and/or gear long out of service you've come back to from time to time and really enjoyed.

I've learned lots in my time spent here but sometimes I wonder whether in investing so much time and $$$ in the pursuit of a greater musical experience I've lost some of the pure enjoyment of listening through the imperfect system listed above. Lower-fidelity perhaps, but a whole lot of fun.


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IIRC the SHX-1 is a warm amp, and not very powerful, paired with the HD580 not sure how good they will be, but IIRC a little on the warm side for my taste, also it will be lacking a little of power, but hey the little Dinky Knob is a wonrderful sounding amp...I loved it the two times I owned it....

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