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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     Nah, grab the 850 and use the rest for dac/amp ...need power for better dynamics
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  2. PsiCore
    Anyone using Fiio X7? Does it have basshead potential?
  3. Koolpep

    Go for them. The isolation is certainly not the best, which for me is good. I just recently rediscovered my FX850. No idea why they took the backseat for so long, these are still amazing in-ears. Never heard the FX-1100. I can recommend the FX850 hands down.
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  4. Raketen
    @peekskp fx850 are about as good as any IEM I have heard really, as long as you dig that kind of signature

    i think warrior had a post saying the iSines can be boosted a few pages back though, maybe try grabbing the dac/amp first and seeing what you can do to the bass with EQ? planar drivers have a reputation for being power hungry, though idk if this matters with miniaturized version like those would have

    i'll +1 vapman's suggestion to try some bassy earbuds too, nothing isolates less than earbuds & there are some great sounding ones
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  5. myemaildw
    Ye just get ve monks bassy ones not plus and cayin n5 with bass boost would be best those have no isolation
  6. peepskp
    Good earbuds that you bassheads would recommend? Poor isolation, solid bass, wide soundstage. I will keep looking through the forums too.
  7. esm87
    Zeos just put out a review of the sz1000 guys, entertaining... don't think he's buying a pair soon though lol
  8. aiaosu
    Question for you bassheads: what portable DAC/Amp would you recommend for the Galaxy S7?

    I'd love to run Spotify and other apps natively and the on board stuff is tinny. I heard one recommendation for the Fiio E18.
  9. vapman
    my vote goes for iDSD Micro - i am fully convinced after hearing it. i used to have an iDSD Micro and the BL is worth it.
    i would suggest mojo if your library is 90 to 100% lossless, iDSD is you have lossy too
  10. aiaosu

    Ifi micro idsd is $325 or so, Mojo about $100 more.

    What about $100-200 range? I know I didn't specify price, but are there good options in that range?
  11. DaNkO7

    I'm on the same dilemma..
    I'm between the Cayin C5 (with 5db Bass Boost) or the Fiio E17k (with 10db adjustable Bass Boost).
  12. aiaosu

    I'm looking at the Cayin C5D as I can bypass the DAC on the phone through an OTG cable. Does the E17 need an app like UAPP to run?
  13. vapman
    Never used the C5D only the amp only C5. Be warned the C5D has less output power, that power is diverted to the DAC
  14. talan7

    Easy, get the xduoo xd05. It's better than the e18, e12. I have it and the mojo and its bass is better. I've compared them both. The xduoo is almost as good as mojo. Mojo has better separation and soundstage (slightly). They both have about the same amount of power although the xduoo seems more powerful. Massdrop contiously has the xduoo for $169. It's definitely worth it. If you want balanced amp and not dac, the fireye hdb balanced amp sounds better the both the mojo and xduoo. It's not as powerful and doesn't have bass boost. It's bass hits hard though. It's around $200. An even better deal.
  15. Pirakaphile
    Since I got into motorcycling, I've been looking for a CIEM that's got enough bass to hear while riding. I keep seeing the 8 driver 64 Ears one, but that's just a ridiculous amount of money (I spent about that much on my motorcycle!) So I was wondering if there are any other CIEMs that can make any amount of good bass. I've already got an amp with bass boost by the way.
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