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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. vapman
    Hmmmmm. I will have to keep an eye out. Still tryin to find something to rival the old asg 2.0, and not trying to pay $800 on ebay for a very used one...
  2. canali
    1more quad driver coming out soon, too
    what i love about these sorts of $100-ish iems (dunu, vsonics, sonys) is their use as an affordable daily driver,
    or as a backup to our more $$$ iems/cans.
    can't wait for the new vsonic series to come out, too...but supposedly some $300-$600
    (still love their GR07 for value, have not tried anything from Dunu..titan series?).
    currently use the FLC 8S right now...fab bang for buck imo
    (but i'm no expert and don't have golden ears)
    ..can't wait for their TOTL Celeste, whenever that gets here.
    quite a barrier nowadays with $2kish iems
    (audeze also coming out with $2500 LCD i3s around summer)
    and yet many under $500 that are still so very respectable and offering great bang for the buck.
  3. talan7

    I heard the quad drivers. They had early versions their to demo. They seemed to have, and was verified by 1more, stronger bass and treble. I was told they were still tuning and that it could change just a bit. That 4th driver is for the highs, and I was told it was there to take strain off the other drivers thus reducing distortion. They sounded a little too bright for me and I preferred the triple drivers mids.
  4. myemaildw
    Finally decided to skip sparkle ba and sealed the iem and wow, pm4 bass and flare clarity, it's what I imagined aug 2.5 be hihi best bass iem, although difficult to make and might break it so only recommended who likes diy projects. Also prolly needs 32 ohm amp on samsung seemed to lower volume when bass. From iphone no such, and on cayin n5 balanced awesome. Now isn't it difficult for iem companoes to make something like this without diying duno, it's like sennheiser ie800 except backwards epic bass.
  5. ronaldo7messi10
    are there any IEMs better than the FX850 for hiphop?
  6. 227qed
    Might've missed it somewhere ..but is there a sonic difference between sony 7550 and ex800? Amazon has the 800 for quite a bit cheaper than the 7550 right meow.
  7. vapman

    Completely the same. Just different names for different markets
  8. aiaosu
    BTW, you can get some great deals on the 7550/EX800 in the classifieds. I got mine almost new for $169 and couldn't be happier. I've seen even cheaper.
  9. vapman
    I have had an ebay search set up for a while and i am waiting patiently for that $125 or lower set :)
  10. canali
    Good deal on used flc 8s.
    In CDN dollars!
  11. 227qed
    ^^right on, thanks.  I'll probably go new since they're not too expensive....but a 1000ex, now that might be a different story!
  12. Lohb
    Audeze rep. confirming what we knew already on the 10/20 thread - that the iSine 10/20 can be EQ'd to extreme with no distortion.
    Looking out for any more basshead impressions, as its a pricey overseas purchase...
  13. vapman
    I sweet talked a nice discount on the rose cappuccino from a certain seller. After i have about a week with them i want to send them around for others opinions without them having to drop the cash.

    Pm me if you want some time with the cappuccino. USA people and HBB only

    Warrior, talan, chilly where you at.
    warrior1975 and Hawaiibadboy like this.
  14. Mtlhd
    sad I wont get the chance to share but great work vapman for looking after the basshead brothers & sisters, congrats
  15. Radec

    Looking forward to seeing all of your impressions.
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