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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. Const4nt1n3
    Big thanks to ozkan and HBB for bringing me (and all the other noobszzz) up to speed regarding balanced sound.
  2. slowpickr
    Just got this baby (Cowon Plenue D)  a couple of days ago.  Pairs really well with the XB90EX using Mach3Bass.  Advertised as 100 hours battery life and is about the size of a credit card.  A lot to love about this player...  
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  3. talan7

    Check out the fireye balanced amp. I have it, but I'm still on the fence about it. I got it the same time I got the xduoo xd-05 and I like the xduoo better, so I haven't fully explored the fireye. I immediately gravitated to the xduoo.
  4. myemaildw
    also occ or silver cord everything too. I have caying n5 dap that does 2.5mm balanced, still waiting for 2.5 4 pole jack to soder the occ four strand cable to it to use what balanced is about.
    for 230 euro dap with balanced hm is there cheaper balanced? cheapest was geek out v2 dac
    caying n5 is better than all dacs I had before even out of just regular jack
  5. vapman

    PLEASE share your thoughts when they arrive!
    Like I have said over and over again. I am MORE than happy to ship my Seahf on a Basshead IEM tour so bassheads can confirm its the real deal or not.
    Congrats on your purchase @Const4nt1n3. I am a budget headphone junkie and the Seahf is nothing but astounding to me.
    XB90e will always hit harder and deeper but we are talking a brand name 16mm IEM versus a DIY 8+10mm dual DD design.
    PS The Seahf has an extremely thin shell if that matters to people.
  6. vapman

    Allow me to follow up with a nerd response.
    Unbalanced (TRS,  aka Tip Ring Sleeve) normal headphones) have a left signal, right signal, and ground wire. 3 wires total. The two grounds from each side connect and become one single ground as far as the plug/device being used is concerned.
    Balanced adds an extra ring  (TRRS aka Tip Ring Ring Sleeve) which is used for left channel and right channel grounds separately. This is the biggest reason you get improved performance with balanced gear. The ground signals are not jumbled together after the fact. Each driver is grounded and isolated from the other speaker.
  7. Podster

    Like all things cable and listeners some believe and some don't I myself am a believer and will eventually build out a balanced portable setup, as you can see from these photos I try and run everything in my main home rig balanced[​IMG]

    All my BAT pieces have balanced connectors.
  8. vapman
    Good call @Podster, my home setup stays balanced!
  9. ozkan

    That's exactly what I wanted to say. :thumbsup: Btw, did you try the mod bro?
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  10. vapman
    EDIT: I had many tabs open and forgot I wasn't in the Monk thread with the discussion going on.
    My apologies to all.

    Not yet, to be honest i am scared of breaking a Monk open, even though they're $5!
    i might do it to one of my smoke Monk Plus as they are most common,maybe do the mic/remote cable replacement while i'm at it :)
    You used plain old QTip cotton, yeah?
  11. ozkan

    You cannot break it lol. It's so easy and there should be a video on earbuds round up or the Monk thread. I used cotton balls. If you are talking about Monk plus, you won't need any cotton. Well, it is up to you mate, you can also use cotton balls for fine tuning.
  12. Podster

    Noticed something in your profile that might make you enjoy these shots[​IMG]
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  13. Mtlhd
    hey everyone, a bit late on the tracking convo but in Oz time works diff  [​IMG]   just wanted to say respect to @vapman for the note couple of pages back & completely agree with @Hawaiibadboy note too.  It was pretty cr@p that the tracking didnt work however I have found the honesty of all the people I have dealt with in this thread has been outstanding and never had any doubts on the delivery, just the timing as I was getting a bit anxious to get my hands on them!!!.  thank you for the feedback brother & btw the 7550's are in perfect condition absolutely awesum  clean & precise.
    I would be happy to part of your tour vapman, no worries although not sure if there are other Aust peeps in here to make it worth the time & effort - its a long way for 1 person.
    @Podster - love the collection
  14. vapman

    Thank you bro and if I ever do get around to putting my Seahf on tour i will be sure to let you know.
    The only thing is I don't know if anyone could ship it to you, and you ship it to the next person, for less that an a new one costs [​IMG]
  15. n05ey

    Well, at least one more Aussie here although as a lurker until now. I have slowly come back around to my inner bass head after a couple of years searching for balanced perfection by picking up the fx850's (which are halfway there).

    Thanks to all the contributers in this thread making it one of the best daily reads on head-fi
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